Every home requires electrical maintenance. Hiring an electrician is safe and prevents the risk of electrical shock, electrocution and other hazards. It is easier said than done. Here are some tips to ensure if you have chosen the right electrician west Auckland

Scale of work

Check on the complexity of the work. Find out if the electrician is experienced enough to handle the complexity of the work. 


Discuss with colleagues and friends. Ask them to recommend a good electrician. Maybe they hired one recently. And he had good skills. 


Make decisions based on the experience of the electrician. An experienced electrician knows different ways to handle electrical problems. He is well aware of the hazardous parts. Check on his certifications and trainings. 


A license indicates that the electrician has completed formal training in the field. A licensed electrician understands the standards, codes and regulations. 


Make sure the electrician carries right kind of insurance. This is because the electrical works are hazardous and have huge potential of causing damages and accidents. Therefore, it is essential for the electricians to carry worker compensation, insurance and liability insurance.


Check on the feedbacks and reviews placed by the previous clients. Evaluate both good and bad reviews. Observe how the electrician has reacted to the bad reviews. Examine his website, check his testimonials.

Questions to ask an electrician while hiring

Will the job require permit?

Some of the jobs such as upgrading light fixtures or replacing an outlet do not require permit or inspection. On the other hand, certain other jobs such as panel – change outs, standby generator installation, house rewiring needs a permit and a visit from an inspector. The electrical contractor or the electrician should handle inspection process and the permits.

Who takes the responsibility over my associated repairs?

Most of the homes use concealed wiring. In this system, the wiring is hidden behind the ceilings and walls. In such cases, the electricians will have to drill through the walls and make holes. Electricians are not dry wall experts. Therefore, you have to make arrangements separately to fix such works. Check if these details are included in the contract.

Is the fix long term?

If the electrical panels and wirings are older, they might require extensive wiring. If you are not prepared for such type of work, go for a temporary and less invasive fix. 

Will there be any disruptions?

Ask the electrician if the power of the house needs to be turned off completely. If yes, then plan accordingly.

What is your guarantee?

Ensure that the electrical contractor honors manufacturer warranties. He should include this in the contract. 

What should you look for while hiring an electrician?

Get at least three quotations. Compare them against their prices. Ask for references. Check if the electrician is registered with a government scheme. Make sure the work of the electricians is guaranteed. This is because only guaranteed electricians come back to attend faults and issues that arise after the fix.

How to cut down the cost?

Provide your own tools. It can be switches or special heaters. Inform the electrician in advance that you have the supplies. Include such terms clearly in the contract. Explain the budget to the electrician. Be transparent about your needs. Ask for a plan to reduce the cost of the work. Enquire about the different charges. Check if the charges are made on hourly or daily basis. Ask if it includes travel charges. Enquire if he will help in moving the furniture. Also learn if he charges for moving the furniture as well.

Hiring an electrician helps to prevent accidental fires, shocks and other hazardous problems. They help to keep your family safe. This provides long term peace of mind.