As one of the most used rooms within the home, the kitchen is a space that should accommodate to the whole family’s needs, giving a communal space that works in the form of a family hub. With so much activity throughout each day, the kitchen needs to be a space that’s easy to use, friendly and welcoming no matter what size you’re working with. From breakfast time through to dinnertime, there are lots of different things that go on in the kitchen and it can often be the one place where you find the whole family spending quality time, so it’s essential to create a space that’s family orientated.

Space Considerations

In order to create an effective family kitchen, you’re going to need to really think about the space you have available. Having plenty of space in the kitchen is crucial, as you may find that people are using the same space for different purposes at the same time. You want everyone to feel like there’s enough room for them in your kitchen, so take this into consideration when it comes to the design of your kitchen. Having more room to socialise and spend quality time together will give your kitchen a really family-focused feel which in turn will result in the perfect family orientated kitchen.

Introduce an Island

Naturally, when a kitchen island is in place people gravitate towards it and you find that it becomes a real hub for activity. Whether you add some bar stools and create a breakfast bar, or you simply create a space on the island to sit and work, you’ll find your family making the most of this addition and with it being so central in the kitchen it makes it perfect for keeping everyone together. An island is a great addition to the kitchen, not only providing a space to have breakfast and work, but it also provides extra space for food prep, which is a huge essential in the family kitchen. You can really transform your kitchen space and add value to the room with your island, with stylish cabinet hardware and durable worktops to really make the feature pop with character.

Dining Area

It’s not always possible to get the whole family together in the dining room for a family meal, but it’s much easier to round up the troops in the kitchen at breakfast or for a quick evening meal. This is why it’s so crucial to have a dining space in your kitchen, as it provides a relaxed area for the family to come and go and use as they please, still keeping that daily contact and making it easier to catch up with each other throughout the day. You may find that your kitchen dining space becomes the main dining area in the home, with your dining room becoming more of a formal space for special occasions.

Plenty of Storage

With so many using the kitchen from day to day, it’s important to have plenty of storage to ensure you can keep things neat and tidy. From food and drinks to Tupperware boxes and lunch bags, it’s amazing just how much stuff can accumulate over time in the family kitchen. By creating plenty of storage, you can keep things stored away in an organised fashion, so everyone knows exactly where to find things and where they should go at the end of the day.