Like many people, you may be tired of your yoga pants ripping, tearing, losing their shape, and everything else just a couple week (or days) after purchasing them. There are so many different types of yoga leggings out there it can be hard to know who you can trust. That is why the experts at Om and Ah are here to explain how to find a good quality pair of yoga pants. Keep reading to learn more.


Look at the seams

The first trick we want to talk about is the seams on the leggings. What do they look like? Are any of the fraying at all? Do they look well sewed? Are they sewed multiple times and don’t look like they are going to burst? This is very important. It is especially important in places that typically may be the first to burst on you. For example, many women have an issue with the seams in the inner thighs bursting while overs have a harder time with the seams around the waist. Whatever your experience has been in the past, pay close attention to those places. It’s also a good idea to just simply scan reviews to see if others have had an experience with seams ripping or areas tearing easily. Although yoga is not high impact, you don’t want them wearing right away and you also may want to be using them for more than just yoga too. For this reason, make sure you look at the seams.

Minimal seams

While we are on the topic of seams, seamline pants and tops are becoming more and more popular. This means there is a lot less chance at the pants ripping at the seam since there is no seam! Many people love the seamless waistband because it no longer digs into them uncomfortably in any places. Some people do not like the seamless waistband because sometimes pants have a harder time staying up. Regardless of your preference, it’s just good to know that it is an option.

A Color that you can wear with any outfit

You won’t be wearing the yoga pants very often if they are not your style and you have nothing to go with them. For example, you may see a bright orange that has lines going around it and think that would be fun for yoga class and a nice switch up. In reality, you may not really have another orange or many white shirts to go with those yoga leggings, so you won’t end up wearing them very often. Although this does not directly relate to the quality, it does because you won’t end up wearing the yoga pants often and even have the chance at wearing them out if you didn’t purchase a good pair for yourself.

Flattering cut

Make sure the cut of the yoga pants is flattering and good on you. If you do not purchase a pair that fits you correctly from the beginning, it will prevent the yoga pant from lasting as long as it should because it is being pulled in all the wrong places and perhaps pulled too hard in other places. Try and find a great yoga pant that fits well and is flattering right from the start.

Shows sweat

A quality pair of leggings should not show sweat. If they are, you may want to rethink them. You are able to find this out by asking some friends which yoga pants they have found to be the best, which brands, etc. Then you can go from there so you are not embarrassed by having a lot of sweat shown and they are not as good of quality if they are.

Type of fabric

The type of fabric will determine the price, it will also determine the quality of the yoga pant. Try and do your research with this. Some fabrics won’t keep their shape and some fabric materials will wear out faster depending on what type of fabric they are. If you go into your closet you can see what types of pants you have liked. If you have some yoga pants you can see which ones are your favorites. If there is a current theme for the specific fabric, then you may want to gear your search towards them.

Patterns may wear faster/ bright colors

If you are going for a less expensive option be aware that some patterns and bright colors may fade easier. It takes a lot for a pant not to fade at all. Keep this in mind if you love bright clothes that it most likely won’t stay quite as bright after a number of washes.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when it comes to finding a good pair of quality yoga pants. Make sure you do your research before buying a pair. Although it is not always fun to spend a lot of money on yoga pants, if you get a pair that is really cheap it may only end up lasting you a couple of washes. Make sure you read the instructions once you purchase the yoga leggings. If it says not to put it in the laundry and to hand wash it, then you should be following these instructions in order for them to last longer.

If you have any more questions about finding a good quality pair of yoga pants that will last you a long time, contact us today.