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How to know if your child has autism?

For many parents, autism is not the first thing on their minds when they have children. Every parent desires that their children are healthy and happy. So it can be sometimes devastating to realize that you child may have a problem that needs immediate attention. Autism is becoming more prevalent in many children however there is hope. If caught early, preferably within the first 2 years, makes a difference. Nevertheless, even if your child is past that age there are still various treatments that can reduce the effects just by visiting the pediatric clinic dubai.

What is autism?

Autism can be derived as a critical development disorder that affects the ability of a person to communicate properly, hence hindering normal interaction. There are mainly  three types of autism which include;

When discovered autism can be treated and if detected at an early stage the disorder can be dealt with to reduce its effects. This requires a parent or guardian to contact the autism clinic dubai or a certified pediatric clinic dubai. Treatments for autism require therapy and medication and here are six types of therapy treatments that are recommended such as asperger test.

This type of therapy assists children with autism to function better at daily tasks such as holding a spoon or anything that involves school activities or work.

Speech therapy is good in helping children speak properly and also communicate  with others. This involves eye contact, waiting your turn in a conversation or using gestures that show understanding. This type of therapy can also train children to communicate through computers or pictures.

This type of therapy training uses incentives or rewards to promote positive behaviors and train in new skills. Studies have shown that children with autism who receive ABA therapy can be able to make huge gains that are lasting.

This type involves one on one home or school interaction and instruction. The goal is to increase the child’s ability to interact socially and create bonds with other people. This usually involves training through play or even practice.

With various treatments available, there is hope for children with autism. It is no longer a sentence without solution. If your child is experiences certain disorders and symptoms than contact the nearest auticsm clinic dubai and give him or her the proper and quick treatment that they need.

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