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How To Know Your Employee Is Using Drugs

You can never know for sure if your employee is using. drugs just because you are not an addiction counselor.  However, you might notice that a lot of people are giving off some vibes that will make you think they are doing drugs.  You should be on the lookout for these things because you could be onto something.  You never know for sure, but you could approach your employee very gently to see if they need help when you notice things are going wrong for them.

  1. They Seem Jittery

You might have read some information about addiction through the #1 West Palm Beach rehab | Ambrosia Treatment Center because that told you that many people who are addicts are jittery until they can get their next fix.  They cannot do drugs in your office, but they will be thinking about it all the time.  However, you have to be sure that you have not confused general anxiety for addiction.  Some people are just very anxious, and they need your understanding.

  1. They Are Running Out Of Money

Being an addict is expensive, and you have to see if the people in your office who have money troubles are spending all that money on drugs.  You might find that this is how they got into the situation they are in, and you will notice that they are asking for overtime and taking all the extra shifts that they can get.  Someone who is having a hard time with money could just be in a bad place, but they could be spending that money on drugs.

  1. They Are Angry

People who are addicted to drugs are going to be angry or irritable a lot of the time because they are thinking about using the next time.  These people will have a hard time with anger because they just want to get high again, and that is why someone who is trying to hide their addiction will also try to hide their anger.  You can see it on their face, and you will notice that they are always getting angry with their coworkers.

  1. They Are Over Emotional

There are a lot of people who are going to have emotional days, but the person who is over emotional will be a candidate for being a drug addict because they cannot control their emotions with the drugs that they need.  They will be in a much better mood if you meet them outside of work, and that is why you might think they are an addict.

  1. They Are Taking Frequent Breaks

These people might take frequent breaks to get the fix that they need, and that is why it is important for them to hide because they are doing something that you would not want them to do.

There are many people who are addicts and hiding in your office.  They will be in a place where they cannot tell you, but you have to pick up on the signs.

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