Businesses that operate in the 21st century need a home on the web in order to attract customers, share key details about their firm, and make online sales. It’s almost unimaginable for a business to operate without a website. However, with many business websites over a decade old, with little innovation taking place recently, it might be time for you to refresh and rebrand your website for the benefit of modern consumers. Here’s how you’ll make your website stand out as stunning and trustworthy in 2020.

Professional Help

For most SMEs, a business website is essential, and yet a web developer on your team will not have enough work to do throughout the year to justify their salary. As such, you’ll only be looking to outsourced help when you’re considering changing your website’s appearance and functionality. Even better, you should look for a web design agency that can work to meet all of your criteria, as these agencies have a number of skills to bring to bear on your site, including:

  • Visual and design skills to create new logos or graphics for your website
  • SEO skills which will help rank your website higher on Google’s search results
  • Site mapping skills designed to get consumers clicking on your sales pages
  • Skills in animation, gifs, and other features to make your website sparkle

By using a web designer within an agency, you’ll be sure to bring in the skills you need to make a website that reflects your modern and ambitious business.


You don’t simply hand over the keys to your website when you bring in professional help with your home on the web. You’re going to have to get your heads together, as a team, to think about what needs improving most desperately on your website. It might be the layout or the colour scheme that you’re keen to change. Alternatively, it could be the text that needs a professional revamp.

The best way to work with professionals in the web design space is to present them with a critique of your current site, highlighting things you’re keen to change. You should also present the team working with you with a list of websites you find inspiring – ones you hope designers can emulate in their work.

Cutting Edge

The best websites you’ve visited in the past week have had two things in common. They’ve looked incredibly modern, spacious, and luxurious on the eye. However, they’ve also been blissfully simple for you to navigate, learn from, and purchase from.

These two features are part of what’s called the user experience, or UX. Designers of websites need to keep this in mind in order to deliver a fresh, modern, and cutting-edge experience to consumers. This, in turn, will reflect well back onto your company, which will be perceived as modern, trustworthy, and professional when web users visit your new site.

Use the tips here to bring a modern touch to your business website, creating a stunning home on the web to boost your business’s perception online.