For anyone who wants to bet on the football, one thing that you should do is make it fun. Football betting can be extremely fun, or it can be downright dull. It all comes down to A) what you bet on and B) what type of bet you place. So, if you want to make football betting fun again, we’ve got a few tips for you to follow.

Use these tips to your advantage, and you might find having a flutter on the footie to be a touch more enjoyable than it was in the past.

Always do your research on the team

One thing to do is make sure you always take a look at the team you are about to bet on. If you are betting on a well-known league then be sure to take a look at something like WhoScored. They can give you very interesting team and player profiles, as well as great match information. This can help you to inform your decision making, alongside other betting information you can find on sites like Mighty Tips.

Bet on the better attacking leagues

Instead of betting on a league with a low scoring rate, go for something like the Dutch Eredivisie, the German Bundesliga, or the Italian Serie A. While the latter was always seen as a low-scoring league, today it’s got one of the best goal averages in Europe.

Always try and bet on games where plenty of goals are being scored; it makes getting interesting results much more likely.

Speaking of goals being scored…

Try and think about placing a bet on teams using the Under/Over goals categories. These are awesome for clocking up big wins, and all it takes is for you to suggest how many goals will be scored. For example, a 5-team acca that has five games to be under/over 2.5 goals is a fun bet and does not leave you relying on specific scorers and the like to see if your bet is likely to pay off.

Avoid betting bias

The easiest way to make football betting a ruinous experience is to bet using your own personal bias. Never bet on your own team, or your own teams main rivals. It simply clouds your judgement and can leave you under or overrating certain players. Instead of making that mistake, we recommend that you spend some time avoiding the betting bias we just mentioned above.

You’ll be surprised at the benefits you’ll find from making that decision!

How are goals being scored?

Another way to help you betting become more exciting is to look at how teams are scoring. So, if you see a team who is scoring lots of set pieces playing a team who gives away a lot of set pieces, use that to your advantage.

Basically, you should try and use every little bit of information that could inform you of the right decision to make. The more time that you put into working out these decisions, the more likely you are to get a result that you can be very happy with indeed.