Use of wholesale realistic dildos offers a different kind of pleasure and helps in opening up a new world of adventure when it comes to sexual satisfaction. You enjoy varied orgasms without putting a lot of efforts. Besides, they also help you and your partner get closer together. However, to get the best sexual experience, you need to get the best wholesale male masturbators.  Here are tips to help you make the right selection. 

Consider the shape 

One of the things worth checking is the shape of the dildo you want to buy. Think if you require one with slightly curved tip to hit the G spot or P spot, one with larger base or slimmer one, one with a curved shaft or a straight one and more others. Taking these factors into considerations helps you determine the shape you want to select. For instance, in case you want one for anal penetration, a dildo with a tapered design is the best option. For G sport sensation, go for one with a curved tip. 

Check material

As you shop for wholesale realistic dildos, it is worth considering material used in their designing. You should first of all consider if you will be using it alone or you will share with others. If you are buying dildos you will be sharing with others, you should consider the ones made from non-porous materials like silicone or glass. In case you need one that requires less external lubricant, wholesale male masturbators made from wood, glass or plastic will be a great option. Note that the material will also have a great impact of the kind of pleasure you enjoy during the process. 

Pick the right size 

You have to get wholesale realistic dildos of the right size. As you consider the size, you should think of the diameter and length. The best thing you can do is to choose dildos that are more than average size. If you want to order online, be sure to check how they are measured to avoid getting one that is either too large or too small for your good sexual experience. 


Go for dildos that are smooth, to make it easy to insert, without lubricating them. However, if you are the kind of a person who likes those that are textured; you will still find wholesale male masturbators that are textured. 

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