The wedding is already scheduled and the bride and groom are anxious for the arrival of the big day. Therefore, the result of the long-awaited wedding photo shoot should be nothing short of exceptional! This is the opportunity to eternalize one of the most memorable moments of couples who are ready to start a life together. However, with all the turmoil of emotions surrounding a wedding, doubts arise about the location of the rehearsal, what to wear, how to behave, and so on.

So, to give you a hand in this important mission, our wedding photographers in London have put together some suggestions on how to prepare an unforgettable essay. How about checking them out? Just keep reading!

How to make a good wedding photo shoot

Use steering techniques for the test

One of the great challenges for photographers in wedding rehearsals is to manage the bride and groom. This is a task that is sometimes left to a professional producer, but this is not always possible. So, dear photographer, the mission is up to you.

At these times, it is essential to know the most appropriate directing techniques to create spontaneous images, keeping the couple at ease and free from plaster – which would ruin any production, wouldn’t it? Remember: the secret here is not in the poses, but in your ability to extract the best of the couple in gestures, smiles, movements and looks, creating synesthesia!

Understand that winning essays are not posed, in reality they are directed. The idea is that you start from an initial pose and encourage the couple to interact, exchange affection and demonstrate all the joy that this date involves there, in front of you. Believe me, my friend, this is not an easy task. Have you ever tried to model someone? This helped me a lot in the beginning of my career so that I could put myself in the shoes of my clients and develop a differentiated empathy for those who cannot “unlock” in front of the camera.

Develop interesting starting poses and, starting from them, guide the couple lightly and naturally. Try to clearly guide which parts of the body you are referring to, follow a defined logic (first your feet, then your hips, and so on) and never signal that your client’s effort has not yielded a good photo! Be subtle and indicate that you can do better; this creates a positive current within the essay and greatly improves the experience of whoever is being photographed.

Use your dedicated flash more

There is still a lot of prejudice in the use of the dedicated flash. What you hear most out there are photographers saying that it is “artificial” and therefore they do not use the flash. But, in reality, what exists is misinformation and poor light control.

Many associate the use of the dedicated flash in its raw form, which is on top of the camera and throwing light directly on the subject to be photographed. Remembering that photography is art and has no absolute rules and every photographer has freedom of artistic expression.

The human eye manages to have an incredible dynamic range when compared to the sensor of a camera. Every professional photographer has come up against the following dilemma: “Do I make a silhouette or do I expose the landscape in the background?”. Both choices may be correct depending on the proposal and the expected result. However, with the use of the flash you have another option: to have the landscape and the subject well exposed in the same photo.

Create a synesthetic experience for the couple while maintaining a good relationship

The kinesthetic experience begins when you need to photograph a rehearsal and find the bride and groom tense, worried, with a thousand steps to take – after all, it’s a honeymoon, party, trip, money to set up an apartment … all at the same time. On second thought, this doesn’t really seem like the best time in the world to do a photo shoot! It is here, however, that synesthesia comes in.

The story of the lemon that turns into lemonade is the great idea to create a nice experience for the couple. They need to remember that afternoon they spent photographing with you, in a loving way. After a few years have passed, they will look at those photos that you produced and say: “Wow, do you remember how cool that moment was? How we laughed, what a cool place, how beautiful the day was!”

It is at this time that the photographer should stand out, and not just in attendance. It is necessary to leave the bride and groom at ease in your presence. So, use all your persuasive power to get them to interact, get closer to each other, and show affection. You need to instigate the couple to relate, look at each other, touch each other – bring the soul of photography to work!

Help in locating the ideal setting and costume

The impeccable direction of a rehearsal also calls for special attention to the scenery and the correct wedding costume. So, talk to customers in advance to understand what suits them and makes them more comfortable.

The ideal is for the couple to choose the location. Thus, it is likely that the environment has some special meaning and reflects their personality. It is good to remember, however, that it is your responsibility to produce or find the most suitable environment for the bride and groom; after all, the professional in this story is you.

The same is true for the costume. Put yourself at their disposal to help them choose what to use, trying to keep the couple in line with styles with comfort and naturalness.

Finally, for a wedding photo shoot to be unforgettable, you need to keep an eye on the details. Organization and planning are essential to record a genuine connection between the couple and deliver the best to be remembered for a lifetime. Remember this!

So, did you like the post? With these tips, I hope I have helped you understand how to prepare a charming wedding photo shoot in this very special moment that is a wedding.