Remote workers are a good working model for any business. They are also cost-effective since they do not work permanently for your company. Employees can operate from different locations, especially if they offer online services. However, recruiting the right kind of remote workers can be a daunting task because the process may not involve face-to-face interactions. This can make it difficult to select the ideal candidates. The good news is that there are specific steps that you can follow to hire skilled employees who can work remotely for your business. Read on to learn how to recruit remote workers. 

Write a Clear Job Post Description

Before you start looking for candidates, you need to make sure that you properly define the job requirements. Some people often make the mistake of using generic job descriptions that can make it difficult for the candidate to decide whether they can work for your business or not. Virtual companies are not known locally, so the onus is on you to make the job compelling to prospective workers. You should take your time to understand the job specifications so that you can define them in clear terms. Your job description should include the following factors:

  • Daily duties and responsibilities
  • Cross-functional links among the team members
  • Goals and objectives of the job position 

You will be able to produce a compelling job description if you gather all the necessary information that defines different roles. The title of the job should also describe precisely what your business involves to attract the right candidates. The job listing should also convey the culture and values of the company so that the potential candidates can make an informed decision of whether they qualify. 

Share the Company Vision

It is vital to outline the vision of your company if you want to hire the right people who believe in your business. Hiring employees who do not align with the vision of your firm may not stay long with the company which can be costly in the long run since you may be forced to constantly hire different remote workers. Therefore, it is vital to recruiting employees with the right mindset instead of those who only care about their paychecks.

As the owner of a business, you deserve to get the loyalty of different remote workers if they share the same vision with your organization. You may use a short video to gauge the personality of remote workers before you hire them. A cover letter can also help you determine if the potential employee is a good fit for your organization before you invest too much time. 

Use the Right Onboarding Software 

It is vital to choose the right onboarding software to reduce the number of administrative tasks involved in collecting and processing different files. The professional recruiters at explain that onboarding software helps you to manage different functions of HR virtually. If you are dealing with new hires in the organization, the primary advantage of using this technique is that the employees would never visit the physical office to submit their paperwork. Onboarding documents are processed and verified online before the employees begin their work. New workers can use their mobile devices to capture all the certifications required, and they can also upload them directly to the responsible human resources focal point. 

Steps to Locate Remote Workers

It is essential to consider how you will locate the remote workers that fit the role. The first thing you need to consider is how you intend the targeted audience to find out about the job posting. Sourcing candidates for remote job positions is a daunting task more than you would think. However, the following steps can help you locate the right candidates. 


Former employees are great candidates that can join your remote team if you enjoyed their previous performances. You may also need to ask friends, family, customers, investors, and anyone who can provide helpful information about good candidates that can make a difference in your organization. Local meetup groups can also provide a good source of information about the right candidates that you can recruit for remote working tasks. 

Use Your User Base

If you have a larger user base with people who meet the credentials that you are looking for, then it is possible to recruit from there. When you have open positions, you need to send emails to your customers and reach out to the visitors to your website so that they know you are recruiting. Even if the clients are not looking for work, they can inform their relatives who may be interested in the job posting. It is good to recruit from a pool of users in your database since they are familiar with the culture of your company. 

Utilize Your Blog

Your business blog can play a pivotal role in conveying the right content to the target users and other people who may be interested in the services that you offer. When visitors to the site find valuable information that can make a difference in their lives, they will develop a strong interest in your company. When you list any job posting, such people will show great enthusiasm to join your company. 

Ask Teammates

Teammates can help in sourcing remote workers if they know of people with the right credentials to fill in different positions. You can ask the members of your team to spread the word, and they can also help in sourcing the right candidates. In most cases, team members are interested in working with the people they know, so they may help in locating the ideal candidates. 

Use Social Media

Social media is another effective tool that can help you to attract remote workers with the right credentials to join your company. There are different social media channels that you may use to spread the word about hiring new remote workers.   

Sourcing remote workers is a more challenging task than you would think, especially if you are dealing with a small brand. It is essential to utilize different channels to spread the word to attract prospective applicants to join your company. Once you do this, you will begin to see applications rolling in. Hiring is time-consuming, but it is the most critical aspect that can determine the success or failure of your remote team. The following measures can go a long way in helping you attract candidates that suit the needs of your company. 

Create an Application Process

To attract the best candidates for remote posts in your organization, you should consider a system that helps educate the candidates about the job position. The system also educates the interviewers about the candidate. This application process includes some questions that help provide insight into the duties and key responsibilities of the candidates in the organization. For instance, you can ask the following questions:

  • Why are you applying for this job position? 
  • What makes this company attractive?
  • How would you communicate with others during your work?
  • Can you solve problems?
  • How would you contribute to the performance of the overall organization?

You can also ask the candidates to write a personal statement to evaluate the applicant’s level of competence and commitment to the job. Prospective applicants who are interested in joining your company will complete these tasks with pleasure. People who are not fit to join your organization can skip this crucial stage which helps you to filter them from the recruitment process. 

Use Effective Recruitment Tools

There are various hiring tools that you may use for developing a quality hiring experience. Online recruitment tools are fast and effective, and they also help promote transparency in the hiring process. With the right instrument, the recruiters can communicate in real-time with all the candidates, and they can also track the progress of each applicant if they are moving with the interview process as expected. The recruiters can also utilize the details they get from the hiring tool to tweak some processes if there is any need to do so.  

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is another recommended tool that you should use when you are hiring remotely. This tool helps you to achieve the following: 

  • Establish interview stages: the interview process consists of different stages that should be clearly outlined. A shortlisting of the top candidates is the first stage where the recruiters determine the appropriate candidates to proceed to this step.
  • Interview questions: this system can also help in identifying the questions that can help the recruiters to establish if the candidate is fit for the job or not. 
  • Interview scorecards: these help the recruiters to evaluate the performance of the applicant at each stage of the interview process. If they are dissatisfied with how the candidate performs, they may stop the process and proceed with other better performing individuals. 

Maintaining consistency during the hiring process promotes transparency and accountability. This can be possible if you use an effective tool in the recruitment process. 

Invite Top Candidates for a Video Call Interview

After the recruiter has gone through all the job applicants, they select the top candidates for the further recruitment process. The next step is to invite the best candidates for interviews. You may not meet the candidate in person during the hiring process. With the new technology that exists, it is possible to use different platforms like zoom to conduct interviews. In the interview, the interviewers will ask the candidate some questions that help evaluate if they can succeed in working in a remote environment. You need to pay attention to how the candidate communicates during the interviewing process. Effective communication is vital for remote workers since they do not interact directly daily with other coworkers.  

After hiring the employees, these same platforms can also be used for meetings so that there is no need for the remote workers to visit your office. You need to emphasize the significance of effective communication through different channels to ensure that the company achieves its goals. 

Offer Good Benefits 

Your company can attract quality remote workers if you offer good benefits that can motivate them to apply for your open positions. Better working conditions also help your company to retain the employees so that they can stay longer in the organization. Depending on the type of business, some of the benefits may include flexible working hours, vacation, and better pay. 

Give Potential Employees a Test Project

When you come up with a final list of the strongest candidates from the video call interviews, you may choose a specific task that you ask the applicants to perform. This test should be related to what the prospective employees would perform on a day-to-day basis. The task may also allow the candidate to interact with other team members, and you also get finer details about their potential for the position.   

Check References

When you have selected the right candidates, you may need to make reference checks before you make an offer. This is just to verify the credibility of the details provided by different applicants. That also helps you to get honest feedback about the candidates that you want to hire to join your organization. You also need to inform the candidate about the status of their application whether they succeed or fail in the job application process.

Let Teammates Meet

When you have finally hired your remote workers, you move on to the induction phase where both new team members and the old ones meet to know each other. This stage is critical since it helps the new members to feel welcomed, and they can also quickly acclimatize to the organization’s values and culture.  

The process of recruiting remote workers for your business can be challenging since you will be dealing with a small brand. Some people may not be aware of the products and services you offer which can make it difficult for you to hire the right candidates. However, the good news is that there are different measures that you can take to hire candidates with the right qualities. You need to describe your job listing clearly so that you attract people who meet the selection process.