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As we start to reach for our jackets before we leave the house, it may be finally time to admit that autumn and winter are just around the corner. With the cold nights comes more risk and opportunity to get caught out from the cold, so read below for some pointers on how to watch out for your health this winter.

Keep your house warm

Keeping your house warm is absolutely essential in the winter. You will be more susceptible to colds and flu if your house isn’t warm and cosy. You should make sure to keep a lookout for older relatives in the colder months and make sure that your house is equipped with a fully operational heating system. Make sure it works before you need it though! You don’t want to be caught out on a cold winter’s night and find out your heating doesn’t work. Use the professional services of experts such as Cool Dude AC to get everything in working order before winter arrives.

Wrap up when you leave the house

One of the easiest ways to get caught out is through wearing inappropriate clothing when you head out of the house. We are all familiar with the frustrating feeling of getting caught in the rain and getting soaked through or being bitterly cold and being unable to do anything about it. Utilise weather apps so you know what to expect, as this way you’ll be able to easily pack for whatever the weather may be. Always try and keep an umbrella in the car or in your bag, for example, so you’re prepared wherever you are.

Look after your immune system

Common colds can easily catch you out in the winter and can take double the time to get over. Help your immune system out through some immune system boosters such as citrus fruits, red bell peppers, broccoli, spinach and yoghurt. Another tip is to keep hand sanitiser nearby at all times. Have some in your car and on your desk at work, and bear in mind keeping your distance if a co-worker gets a cold or a family member. If you do come down with a cold, don’t overexert yourself and try and rest up, so the cold will pass as quickly as possible. If necessary, have a day off work so that you can get back to your fully functioning self.

Make the most of the daylight hours

As the nights draw in, and darkness falls earlier than in the summer, it is easy to get into the habit of going into ‘hibernation mode’ and staying inside. Try and get outside and experience as much sunlight as possible, if you can; this will help to keep your sleep pattern on the straight and narrow, as well as keep your stress levels down. The cold, fresh air will do you good and can help to keep you focused, as spending too much time indoors could disrupt your sleep pattern as well as bring on a feeling of cabin fever.