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How Will Widespread 5G Change the North East?

Technology experts and even mainstream news outlets have been emphasizing how big the step to 5G internet will prove to be. Across the UK, companies have been getting major cities and towns 5G-ready, with Newcastle already switched on for 5G, per

While the process of getting the power of 5G into the hands of everyone – as upgraded devices are required for this in most cases – will take time, we can already see how 5G will change everyday life in the North East in the near future. From there, as adoption spreads and everywhere becomes connected, we can see the major changes that could be coming to the North East.

Early general adoption to focus on entertainment

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The 5G networks are being put out across the UK by mobile phone companies, like EE in Newcastle. So the general public and broader consumer base will get the earlier and easier access to 5G in its most baseline form. Being primarily connected via mobile networks, it looks as though its early uses will be focussed on enhancing entertainment options.

A tremendous amount of entertainment is online-based these days, with film, TV and music streaming, as well as multiplayer video gaming being a part of everyday life in the North East. This is where the most immediate improvements will be seen due to 5G’s inherent near-complete lack of latency. Streaming will become stronger, with higher-quality video being streamed much faster.

In terms of online casino gaming, the latest innovation is also linked to live streaming. Live roulette, blackjack or baccarat games offer an authentic casino experience via its high-quality live stream and real-time play. Platforms like Jackpot Village and 888casino offer bonuses for these live dealer games to attract new players, as explained on With 5G, the optimum experience will be available on smartphones everywhere, not just at home and in areas of strong signal.

Video gaming will see a similar boost to streaming, with a lack of latency and high speeds allowing for more seamless play. But 5G may also finally give the Google Stadia platform the support required for it to live up to its self-lauded potential. With the connectivity increase, Stadia may be able to stream triple-A video games to smart TVs and mobile devices – but interest will still rely on the extent of its game library.

What an established 5G network could mean for the North East

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Newcastle was one of the earliest cities to have 5G switched on, perfectly positioning it as the base of incredible 5G advancements. Depending on how quickly 5G becomes widespread and up to full power, the speculation of smart cities could become a reality in the coming decades.

As explained by, data sensors and connected devices would allow for local governments and individual cities to vastly improve aspects of daily life. The general idea is that 5G would enable everyone to be connected to the 5G network at all times.

So, via connected pieces of the network, cities could manage traffic much better, relay health and safety information quicker, and everyone in the location would be able to benefit from real-time data. This could, in theory, lead to the future of smart roads and self-driving electric cars, with the network managing travel and all-but eliminating human error.

Even the near future of 5G in the North East unlocks some exciting possibilities, with our already standardised methods of consuming entertainment being upgraded substantially. Over the coming decades, 5G looks to have a huge impact on our everyday lives for the better.

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