Locksmiths play an important role in our lives. We need them when we lock our keys or when we lose keys, we cannot remember them or if we lock our keys inside a car and forget where we put them. Locksmiths are also needed whenever we try to open a door where we have misplaced our keys. Many people are not sure about the difference between a regular locksmith and a locksmith who specialize in car locksmith services. NY City Safe provides safe locksmith services for your homes and offices.

Locksmiths pertains to the art and science of designing, creating and then implementing various security systems that can secure both residential and commercial buildings. Locksmiths is an art and science that has been around for many centuries. Today locksmiths still play an important role in our lives by providing security for our homes, businesses as well as other items such as jewellery.


Today, many people are opting to hire a professional Matrix Locksmith for their security needs. A locksmith can provide a wide range of locksmith services and this allows locksmiths to work for different customers at the same time. A common service that most locksmiths provide includes:-

  1. Opening new locks
  2.  Repairing existing locks
  3.  Duplicating keys and providing emergency locksmith services.

Locksmith services cover all aspects of the locks on your house, cars, offices, stores and commercial buildings. If you have lost keys, need to make a duplicate key or have an emergency and need immediate locksmith services, you will find a locksmith that meets your needs given below.

  • CHANGING LOCKS – Locksmiths can provide fast service when it comes to changing locks. As most people use combination locks on most of their doors and windows, locksmiths can change these for you in a matter of minutes. Changing locks saves valuable time and money when it comes to protecting your home, property and belongings. Specialized Locksmiths can also repair damaged locks and provide emergency locksmith services.
  • LOCKOUTS – A skilled and licensed locksmith can provide fast service when it comes to lockouts. When a customer calls in a locked-out lock, it can take some time for a locksmith to arrive to help. In some cases, a homeowner may try to open the door or window to no avail, resulting in the lock being stuck. A skilled and licensed locksmith can provide emergency lockouts by addressing the issue quickly. In some cases, locksmiths can re key the door and ease the issue by replacing the lock.
  • LOCKED DOORS – Many times, homeowners experience problems with opening locked doors or cabinets. This could be caused by a variety of issues such as keys that are lost, damaged, or stolen. Some homeowners may even leave a key under the doormat while they are away from home. Some other causes could include keyhole missing, improperly placed deadbolts, improper lock installation, and so many other issues. Professional locksmiths can help you resolve any of these issues. If you suspect that your home may have fallen victim to some of these common problems, it is advisable to call in a locksmith.
  • COMBINATION LOCKS – Some homeowners also need to change lock combinations on security hardware that comprises outdoor lights, gates and fences. Alarms are designed to work with one set of locks but they may not always function as they should. If this happens to your security hardware, calling in a locksmith can help you change the combination. Locksmiths are trained to help you make changes to your security hardware. They also offer services such as re-keying locks and cutting keys.

If you are dealing with a homeowner who has misplaced the keys to his or her home, it might be wise to call in a locksmith as well. A 24-hour emergency locksmith can help you re-key the locks safely and soundly. A locksmith can also make duplicate keys for the homeowner that are lost. This can be very helpful if you are planning to move to another home or already have moved out. A locksmith in Brampton, NJ can provide you with the services you need to get your house or property secured.