Hand sanitiser products have been in the detergent shelves for years, but only got massive sales and recognition due to the coronavirus pandemic. Back in the days, a hand sanitizer was used but was never a must-have item. Today, due to the recent life-threatening flu – CoronaVirus, hand sanitizer is now officially an essential item to carry, just like your national identification card.

Whether you are heading home, a social event, or a meeting, you now ought to carry your Palm + Antibacterial Hand Gel. The essence of having to walk around with one is the benefits that come along with it.

In our daily routines, we come into contact with several surfaces and people; as we proceed with our errands, we touch, share, and eat, among other activities. To stop the spread of viruses we come into contact with and kill germs, you need to have a hand sanitizer. Here are the reasons why using a hand sanitizer daily is vital to you and your loved ones.

To Stop the Spread of Germs

On a typical day, you can come into contact with several surfaces and different people who might have been in contact with viruses, thus why it is essential to walk with your hand sanitizer. Now that a hand sanitizer is necessary, whether you are at home, working, or at a social event, you need to have your hand sanitizer all the time. To combat the spread of viruses, you require a specific hand sanitizer -an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 

To Improve Personal Health and Hygiene

Your hygiene begins yes at home, but by yourself, you determine the level of cleanliness you want around you by practicing daily hygiene tips to keep you on track. One way to ensure you prevent falling sick due to preventable viruses is by using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer almost all the time. In everything you do, your health comes first. With the poor state of health, you will not work, nor is terrible hygiene encouraging. Therefore, you need to ensure all contact areas have a hand sanitizer. Regular use of hand sanitizer decreases your chances of getting contact with a virus as it improves your general well-being and cleanliness. 

Hand Sanitizer Reduces Waste

A hand sanitizer is a hand antiseptic that comes in either liquid, lather, or gel. Majorly used after soap and water, it is applied to the hands to fight and stop infections. A common alternative to using a hand sanitizer is a paper towel. A paper towel takes two weeks to decompose and besides that leaves the environment, we live in a mess. As a conscious individual who cares about the surrounding environment, using a hand sanitizer is encouraged as it has minimal effects on the land.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

It is no lie the use of soap and water does remove dirt, dust, grime, and other germs, but you ought to have a personal cleanser that ensures that any remaining virus is cleaned after you wash your hands. To prevent the spread and fight infections causing diseases, the use of hand sanitizer comes in handy. If you make it a routine to have your hand sanitizer, be rest assured you are taking the right step to protect your well-being. 

To Fight Flu and Other Viruses

A hand sanitizer comes in handy, especially in social gatherings like schools, churches, workplaces, among other places. Yes, you can’t entirely replace soap and water with a hand sanitizer, but this antiseptic can be used alone in situations where there’s no soap and water to fight stubborn germs. Through the use of hand sanitizer, germs causing flu and other infections can be reduced.

Hand Sanitizer Eliminates 99.9% of Germs

One of the first benefits of using a hand sanitizer every day is the role of sanitizing; it kills 99.9 % of bacteria causing diseases. It is a powerful hand disinfectant that you can trust to provide results.

Hand Sanitizer is Portable and Convenient

A hand sanitizer is convenient to use; you can carry it and use it wherever at any given moment. You can freely move with your hand sanitizer from the desert to the city, and you are sure to fight any germs you come into contact with. It is no secret that most people worldwide have first encountered and used a hand sanitizer during the life-threatening period of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can now have it in your car, purse, or bag to prevent the spread of viruses.