Commercial refrigerators are pivotal to the routine operations of a restaurant and storefronts that retail certain types of consumables. If commercial refrigeration equipment fails at any point in time, then all other activities of the restaurant will get adversely affected. Similarly, products that are meant to be stored at a controlled temperature will be seriously compromised if refrigeration equipment fails. It is, therefore, necessary to choose the right kind of refrigeration equipment for supporting routine operations. Here are important factors that need to be considered when buying commercial refrigerators.

Energy Efficient Equipment

A retail store or restaurant needs to ensure that capital expenditure and operational expenditure are optimized. In other words, the costs towards procurement of equipment need to be controlled in a manner so as to ensure profitability through return on investment. Similarly, the overheads also need to be controlled. Refrigeration equipment is meant to function nonstop, feeling which the stored products will deteriorate. This effectively means that the electricity costs will increase if the equipment consumes too much energy. It is, therefore, necessary to choose equipment that is energy efficient such as commercial refrigeration equipment from iron mountain refrigeration.

Choose Equipment As Per The Nature Of Products Stored

This should ideally be the first factor that you consider when purchasing refrigeration equipment. For instance, if your business retails soft drinks or other bottled/packaged products that need to be stored at a particular temperature, then you ideally need equipment that has a good display and storage area, with easy access to the products inside. On the other hand, if your retail store deals with dairy, meat or other products that require deep freezing, then the requirements will change. While these freezers will also require adequate display area, it will be relatively lesser than glass door refrigerator coolers.

Pick A Refrigerator As Per The Availability Of Space

Different models of refrigerators are available for commercial establishments. One of the biggest differences between models is the shape and space. For instance, glass door merchandisers are intended for displaying and stocking products in a refrigerator that offers self-service options. Undercounted refrigeration and freezers are intended to display and stock products which will be handled by personnel manning the counters. It is, therefore, necessary to choose commercial refrigeration equipment as per the availability of space and mode of sale.

Insulation And Door Configuration

This is another technical aspect that should never be ignored. The door configuration determines the ease of access to the products inside the refrigeration equipment. The insulation determines the cooling effectiveness. The combination of door configuration and insulation will also have a bearing on energy consumption. Therefore choose the equipment carefully after understanding your requirements and the frequency with which the refrigeration equipment will be opened. For instance, if the equipment is to be installed in a location with high footfalls, the possibility of it being opened frequently is higher. Therefore choose the equipment after assessing its use case properly.