As a new investor, the first thing that will come to the mind is how to invest with the least amount of money. One thing that bothers the beginners are spending money because, as a beginner, we do not have enough money to invest. Hence we look for investment scopes with the least amount of money being used.

Many young professionals often step back from investing, considering that one has to monitor a lot and run behind the invested money so that it does not run in the loss. I am here to tell you that you need not be an expert; you just need to be calm and patient and take some correct decision when you want to invest.

If you are intelligent enough, if you spend your money correctly, you can get back profits in compound interest. Nothing could be better than just spending some dollars and getting back huge attention based on it. Hence you can obviously invest recklessly; all you need to do is be a little careful.

How to Invest for the First Time

When you start investing for the first time, you will make mistakes, and learn a lot of things, some of these things include the fact that you need to invest and be aware that you might make some mistakes, but are ready to face the consequences.

Cookie Jar Approach

This is the most common and the first kind of approach that you must take. You must try the cookie jar approach first when you are investing for the first time. Saving money and spending money are two different things, but they are very closely connected. In order to invest some money, you must make some savings. It will take a lot of time hence you must do planful savings which will help you save enough.

If you have never been able to save, you can start by saving 10 dollars per week. Gradually you start saving 20 dollars per week. Hence day by day, you can increase saving the amount as and when it is possible. Try to put 10 dollars every week into a Piggie bank, it might sound kiddush, but it is ultimately constructive if you do that. Make yourself habituated not to spend everything that you earn, try to save a minimum amount, and then spend the rest.

Hire a Robot

If you think you are not experienced enough to invest your money, then you can hire a robot which will invest your money successfully and give you back some profit. The robot advisers have come into this investing profession for the past two years, I think. Even before that, people used to decide their investment manually and do it all by themselves. The robots make financing as easy as possible. You need not have any prior investment ideas for investing via a robot. The robot will utilize the total amount of money that you hand over to him. The robot investors do all the research and study about when and where they should invest and how much.

The robot will ask you very few simple questions and determine whether you are ready to invest or if you are prepared to take some risks, only then the robot uses your money to spend. While you go through the, you will realize the kind of investments that are possible.

Start Investing in Stock Markets

This is one of the best ideas thou will ever come across; if you are bad at saving money, you can invest in stock markets and earn the right amount of money. In the case of the stock market, it takes money to invest in cash. The internet service has made the lives of the investors easy. You need not get in touch with an agent to make investments in stock, and you can do that all alone. You just need a good internet connection so that you can read it all.


There are many ways you can start investing, and you can also save in the ways that I have mentioned above. It is essential that you earn money and save and invest only then you will able to make some more money.