South Shield’s famous curry strip has added its first Indian street food restaurant.

With its already vast array of established traditional Indian restaurants on Ocean Road, the new concept has wowed diners by introducing authentic lip-smacking Indian delicacies found in the bustling streets of India.
The menu has all the street food classics such as Pani Puri, Bhel Puri and Vada Pow as well as their own signature appetisers such as Dynamite Prawns and Chennai Machli.

The restaurant, named Delhi 6, has added a bit of nostalgia as owner Shah Lalon Amin opens the doors which was once the prestigious Raj Dulal that was owned by his father.

Shah Lalon Amin said “Indian street food has become very popular in other parts of the country so we’re really excited to have launched this new concept. It brings something different to our beautiful town. Serving real authentic Indian food is not just our passion but something that the people in South Shields have been crying out for.

“I have worked in the catering industry since I was a young man and I always end up coming back to this trade. It’s become second nature to me and we’re lucky to be working with top chefs in the North East who share our same passion and vision.

“We hope to create a unique dining experience that people will come to love. Street food isn’t just about the unique flavours and textures, but it’s also about the social experience where people can come together and enjoy a chaat.”

The restaurant has 50 covers and has already created new jobs, full and part-time and hopes to create more very soon as excitement grows.