Upturn in Modern Women Finding Their Spirit Answers To Life

In 2005 a new saying hit the UK media “Don’t Get a life, Get a Life Coach”. Back then 100,000 Brits were reported to have a life coach and since the industry has only boomed further. In fact if you Google Life Coaching UK today there are 228,000,000 results thrown up!

But the life coach trend is now getting left behind by a raft of modern women who have found a new way to boost their lives, and for many that includes their businesses, in a bit more of an unconventional way…. Intuitive Coaching.

Intuitive Coach, Annette Greenwood has had a varied life and more experiences than one woman should ever go through including violence, depression and financial hardship, all of which made her seek out her more spiritual side. She is now turning it all to her advantage, as many of her recent clients are starting to follow this new trend, which Annette professes to have been delivering for many, many years.

Intuitive coaching follows many of the perimeters of life and business coaching, following principles such as goal setting, examining habits, creating plans to action and working on issues or stumbling blocks.

However, Annette’s coaching goes to the next level and includes a more spiritual approach helping women to tap into their own divine power and sense of being. This is then used to improve health, wellbeing, business, family, and overall happiness.

A number of female celebrities have been reported as being a fan of this form of coaching including Ophra Winfrey and Madonna.

As well as analysing behavior and looking for business solutions, this deeper spiritual involvement helps individuals find who they are as a person and to discover a true purpose in their own life and their actions within that life. This in turn assists with any decision making process, and has very positive outcomes.

Annette and other intuitive coaches across the UK (for which there are over 3 million Google hits already!) use different forms of intuition when coaching; but Annette can use several including, connection to the person, a sense of feeling, gut, holding an object (psychometry) and or using tarot.

Annette said:

“Many people think finding our sixth sense is hocus pocus, but we all have a deeper level than most coaching reaches. This heightened sense of awareness is important to acknowledge, and that tapping into our intuition or gut feel has huge benefits really assisting with important decision making giving that extra edge just when we need it. I love empowering women to listen and make choices that serve them based on this particular strategy.

“If you combine traditional coaching alongside being at one with the wider universe, it can put a completely different perspective on things and the person in a much more positive place. There has been several occasions when I have had a sense of knowing about a person, the information I share is relevant and accurate to them. I like to give options so if someone prefers a more traditional life coaching session then we do that instead.”

Annette Greenwood has over 20 year’s experience in helping women bounce back from life’s personal and professional challenges, heartaches and setbacks. Having overcome personal trauma (including depression and domestic violence) herself, Annette is now a highly skilled, qualified coach, and founder of the Catalyst project of a charity, working specifically with women.

She works with and advises women from all walks of life, from female prisoners to CEO’s. She understands ‘difficult times’ and the need for tools to bounce back whether that’s in business, personal, or emotional, possibly caused by an affair or relationship problem. No stranger to the menopause Annette believes and advocates a positive attitude and mindset which has immense benefits on all levels.

More information is at www.annettegreenwood.com