On April 28 Ken Loach will visit Sunderland to host Take Back Control, an evening of ideas and action after the referendum. Run by local activists in conjunction with Unite Community and The World Transformed, Take Back Control Sunderland is part of a national series also taking place in Croydon, Plymouth and Bradford which aims to bring leave, remain and non voters together after the referendum and work out how we can take back real control during the general election.

Taking place at the Sunderland Software Centre and hosted by the award winning film director Ken Loach, the evening will include a workshop by the North East based education group Talk Socialism, a screening of ‘I, Daniel Blake’, a Q&A with Ken Loach as well as a free buffet. Tickets can be purchased at takebackrealcontrol.com/sunderland, while free tickets are being distributed to those on benefits by Unite Community.

‘Take Back Control’ is being held in communities often left out of the political conversation. Each event will be organised by local residents and coordinated nationally by The World Transformed, an events organisation that has grown out of Momentum.

Will Haughan, a Sunderland Take Back Control organiser, said:

“We are delighted Ken Loach is able to come to Sunderland during this important election campaign. He is a man of principle whose films have championed the struggle of ordinary people against the powerful. His new film I, Daniel Blake exposed the needless cruelty of the Tory benefits regime and food bank culture that many in Sunderland are forced to endure. Sunderland has a proud tradition of trade unionism, support for socialist ideals and a strong working class, northern identity.  During the election, it’s important that we celebrate and emphasise the history of our city, while working out how Sunderland can take back control from the Tory political establishment and their mates in the City of London.”

Charlie Clarke, a national Take Back Control organiser, said:

“Now Theresa May has called an opportunistic general election, it is more important than ever for people in places like Sunderland – a city deliberately ignored by the Tory establishment – to come together, find their voice and make an impact on the future of Britain. During the referendum we were told we could take back control by voting leave. But ten months later we still in live in a country run by corrupt Tory politicians following the orders of the bankers and billionaires who benefit from our rigged system. To take back real control we need to confront the tiny clique of individuals who become rich at the expense of everybody else. We need to fight for, as Ken Loach has made clear, a fair and humane benefits system that doesn’t force the sick back to work and punish people for the disappearance of stable, well paid work.”