Labour MEPs have written a pressing statement to Brexit Secretary David Davis asking for the long-promised assessment of how leaving the EU will impact each region to be produced immediately.

The letter sent to Mr Davis on Friday by Richard Corbett MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, makes a firm request that the government produce a thorough analysis of how the different possible paths open to the UK in the upcoming negotiations will affect families, businesses and communities in the British nations and regions – in particular the impact on jobs and the economy.

Assessing the impact Brexit will have on the North East of England is critical in helping the region prepare for what could be a very unstable economic period in the aftermath.

Jude Kirton-Darling and Paul Brannen, Labour MEPs for the North East, have already expressed their shock at the government’s gross incompetence after last month Mr Davis revealed that his department does not have any Brexit impact papers.

Commenting on Friday’s renewed call for in-depth and reliable information regarding people’s lives after Brexit and the future of our economy, Jude Kirton-Darling MEP said:

“Following the chaos and confusion of the sectoral impact assessments that weren’t, the Brexit department must immediately gain ground on the many months it has wasted and commission thorough regional analysis. People and businesses throughout the North East have a right to know what government decisions will mean for their jobs, their livelihoods, their futures.

“Around 100,000 jobs in the North East are linked to exports in Europe and more than half of the goods we export from the region go to EU member states. There is an enormous amount at stake, but the government is toying around with the future prosperity of our region.”

Paul Brannen MEP added:

“We are now nearing two years since the referendum and ten months have passed since the triggering of Article 50, but the progress made by David Davis and his team has not amounted to much. Surely the £700m the government has already invested in Brexit preparations can help commission reliable research that will inform people and give us an idea of what to expect from life outside the European Union?

“Labour MEPs have been very clear that this government’s botched job of negotiating Brexit is simply not enough. Tory ministers could be making uninformed decisions regarding the future of our country without examining the likely impact of their decisions – this isn’t a competent government that should be at the helm of the most complex political process in recent history.”