ONE OF the country’s leading suppliers to the hospitality and leisure trade has responded to the industry’s desire to be more environmentally friendly by launching a new range.

North-East based Innerglass Ltd – part of the IG Group – provides bar accessories, catering disposables, glassware, crockery and thousands of other products to many of the UK’s biggest names in hospitality.

And now it has launched Green Planet, having sourced a range of mainly plant based alternatives to materials which are damaging to the environment.

Among the many products now on offer through Green Planet are straws made from plant-based PLA which are both 100 per cent compostable, biodegradable and recyclable.

The new company also offers a range of PLA glassware, including oxo-bio flexy glassware which will naturally decompose after exposure to air, warmth and light.

Cups for hot beverages are being offered which are made from sustainably sourced board, along with food cartons which are water based and compostable.

Green Planet has also managed to source microwave and dishwasher safe take away containers, which are made from recycled sugarcane rather than plastics.

A number of new tableware options are also proving extremely popular, including the Bagasse range, again made from recycled sugarcane and a second range made from naturally fallen palm leaves.

Stephen Hoey, CEO of the family-owned business, said setting up Green Planet was an obvious response to the demands of the industry.

“We have been aware for some time that clients want an alternative to plastics and there wasn’t one place where they could get everything to meet their needs,” he said.

“Through Green Planet they can now get environmentally-friendly versions of the products they use regularly, which will help them move away from plastics.

“We are constantly sourcing new products to enhance the range and we are also able to pass on to our clients up-to-date information and advice on how to be more environmentally conscious.”

Other products now being offers through Green Planet include bamboo picks and skewers from sustainable sources, wooden cutlery and biodegradable napkins.

The company also offers a range of cleaning materials many of which are made from recycled materials, such as green refuse sacks, flushable wipes and envirowipe cleaning clothes.

Based at the North West Industrial Estate at Peterlee, County Durham, the company provides glassware, crockery, bar and cocktail supplies from its 150,000 sq ft warehouses where it holds around 10,000 branded products.

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