Since the coronavirus outbreak, citizens from places all over the world have been advised to stay home and practice social distancing. These long periods of isolation have shifted the dynamic of how the whole world operates, from disrupted lifestyles to a noticeable difference in people’s behaviors and mindsets.

Many people have been affected on so many levels, not only financially, but also physically and mentally with anxiety levels having gone through the roof. All these alterations have led cannabis sales to hit a new high for many reasons. Illegal sources have also had their share of this unprecedented growth rate. Here are some of the important points that give a better overview of the effect of lockdown on the use of cannabis.

A Booming Industry

Since the start of the legalization efforts that have been going on for a while, the cannabis industry has been booming. People have started realizing the importance of CBD and THC in managing many symptoms such as anxiety, stress, and some physical pains. However, the recent Coronavirus outbreak has attracted more users to the cannabis industry that no one would have ever dreamt of. 

The reason behind this might not just be due to hoarding or the constant state of boredom everyone has been going through. The new changes resulting from the pandemic, lockdown, and social distancing rules have been causing the symptoms of many people who struggle with an anxiety disorder to worsen. This is why cannabis sales numbers have been shooting high.

Taking Precautions

Many people depended on delivery services to get their marijuana supplies long before the pandemic occurred. However, with the lockdown and everything that has been going on, it is a must for all marijuana users to depend only on delivery in order to comply with social distancing rules; according to one delivery driver in Guelph, users have been abusing many sources of high-quality cannabis which has led to a noticeable increase in the number of trips made daily to deliver. Delivery is the safest option that every cannabis user should resort to regardless of the situation. Resorting to illegal sources or having to go out to buy drugs should not be an option in the situation we are in.

Untrusted Sources

Closing the borders have slowed down the buying and selling processes of cannabis. At the same time, there is an increasing demand for marijuana plants. The consequences of both situations inevitably led to drug trafficking activities to increase. People have started worrying about their stash which has pushed many to start contemplating the idea of buying from illegal sources.

The rise of cannabis use in the recent few months is not just because of the legalization efforts that have been going strong all over Europe and North America. The Coronavirus outbreak has caused the numbers of many industries to drop, while the cannabis industry has been on the rise. This goes back to increased levels of anxiety that have been affecting many people. Thanks to many available companies that provide high-quality cannabis with a delivery option, one does not have to break social distancing rules in order to get their needed supply.