How old are you now? 2,5, 20 or 60? It doesn’t matter, any age is beautiful and has its charm. It’s your age, so it’s always a beautiful one. What is the central object at a birthday party? Of course, the birthday cake is what everyone is waiting to see, taste and enjoy. But now, thanks to Global Wedding you can make your guests not only enjoy the taste of this cake but also enjoy the way it looks and feel what story it tells. Your personalised birthday cake topper for your story.

Personalised cake toppers for newborn

Is it a boy? Or a girl? Let everyone know that you’re a happy family, who enjoy the blessed coming of the newborn in this world.

You can write the child’s age, if it’s over one year, of course, or simply let everyone at the baby shower know who’s coming.
This is why a birthday cake topper containing the baby’s gender or name will be the best choice.
It’s like a Holy ritual in which you create from zero wonderful memories – the cake will certainly be important to you as parents and for the baby, especially when he or she will grow up and see photos of the times he can’t remember.

Isn’t it lovely to see later a picture of yourself and your first birthday cake that is simply phenomenal and exclusively yours and understand how much your parents cared for you, even when you where too small to appreciate it ?

Vintage lettering for rebel teenagers?

Maybe it sounds strange: vintage and rebellious teenagers – incompatible.
Now, when everything is typified, alike and identically, when the society expects to see a conformist –  vintage style of inscriptions for the birthday cake topper stands out, it’s different and very nice.
Organise your birthday party to differentiate yourself or your child from the others, to show your uniqueness and taste of aesthetics. A metallic sheen to the inscription on the cake will fit perfectly your mood and will show off.

A romantic evening with an ideal cake

Have you already passed the age when you loved noisy parties?

Would you prefer a romantic evening in a pleasant ambiance that predisposes towards dreaminess? You have to know that a cake with an inscription that will capture attention of your life partner, family members or loved ones will help you a lot to build this atmosphere.

Is it somebody’s birthday coming soon? Don’t you ever be shy in expressing and lashing out  your emotions toward loved ones. A birthday cake brings pure joy – share that feeling with the one who celebrates. Offer him or her a custom cake, rustic, romantic, always with noble affinities – this will be appreciated at its true value.

All my life with love

If you reached an old age there is no reason for sadness, on the contrary, it’s time for a bigger and a more glamorous birthday party. The cake that you’ll enjoy with the family can become an example of love for life. Just wrote a nice message using a cake topper and show your gratitude to the time spent on this planet, inspiring others to appreciate every moment.


Any age is beautiful and worth to be celebrated properly. Spread your  love and the feeling of joy with your loved ones. Order now your personalised cake topper and enjoy your day. Be aware that you had a perfect day. Small details as a birthday cake topper really matter and can create the right atmosphere and set the deal.