New reports have revealed that house prices around the UK rose more in 2021 than in 2019 and 2020 combined, with the average home fetching over £16,000 more than previous years.

It is well known that schools, area safety and transport links make a big difference when looking for a home, but did you know that your local supermarket could also have an effect on your house price too?

A new study by CIA Landlord‘s has revealed the supermarket chains that could be adding thousands to your house price around the UK: 

Key findings from the study include:

  • Sainsbury’s is found to be the top supermarket adding value to peoples homes around the UK
  • Those living near a Sainsbury’s can expect to see an average increase of £39,572.82 on house prices in their local area
  • The study found that living near a Co-op is less valuable, offering the smallest increase with an average of just £388.42 on average
  • Living in Scotland? The study found that if your house in Edinburgh shares a postcode with the ‘posh supermarket’, Waitrose, your house price could see a rise of around £14,531.35
  • Living near a Lidl adds more value to the average UK home than living close to a Tesco, Morrisons or ASDA
  • Nottingham has the density of supermarkets in the UK
  • Tesco has the largest number of supermarkets of all the chains analysed

The study found that the following supermarkets came top for added average house price value:

1 Sainsbury’s: + £39,572.82

2 Marks and Spencer: + £16,415.55

3 Waitrose: + £6,847.18

4 Lidl: + £1774.06

5 Iceland: + £1745.53

You can more information in the full study from CIA Landlord’s here.