A charity that gives a second chance to homeless greyhounds is celebrating after receiving a generous donation.

The North Yorkshire branch of The Retired Greyhound Trust were recently gifted a cheque for £150 from The Selby Canine Society.

The Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT) is a national charity dedicated to finding loving homes for greyhounds when their racing days are over.

Back in 2001, Karen Fraser and her team of volunteers decided to set up The North Yorkshire branch of the charity. Ever since, the team have been committed to finding countless homes for greyhounds in need.

Karen said the donation had certainly put a smile on the faces of the North Yorks team of RGT volunteers:  “It’s incredibly generous of The Selby Canine Society and we are so grateful for the support shown to us. Any money we get goes straight to the dogs’ vets’ bills, food and general care. Donations like this enable us to carry out our mission and find more homes for these wonderful dogs.”

Selby Canine Society hold weekly dog training sessions and assist owners when it comes to showing dogs in the ring. The society host regular charity events which raise funds for various good causes in the area. Committee Member Debbie McKenzie decided that some cash should be sent The Retired Greyhound Trust’s way.

Debbie explains:

“The Selby Canine Society is very aware of the great work that North Yorkshire branch of The Retired Greyhound Trust does in fostering and rehoming dozens of dogs every year. I always see the dedicated RGT volunteers setting up a stall at our local Pets at Home Store. The team are always there and are so committed to spreading awareness and finding homes for these lovely, often overlooked dogs.

“They are all volunteers and as a bunch of animal lovers we wanted to do our bit to support them.”

North Yorkshire RGT finds around 50 loving homes for greyhounds each year, and though they’ve homed countless dogs over the past 15 years, there are still lots of hounds in search of homes.

Karen Fraser explains: “There are still lots of dogs looking for their forever families. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a homed hound with their besotted owners. We urge anyone thinking of homing a dog to consider a greyhound, they truly make wonderful, low maintenance pets.”

To find out more about homing a greyhound please contact Karen Fraser on 01609 761014 or visit the Nork Yorks RGT Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/northyorkshirergt/