Although cities in the South of England are forecast to grow the fastest in the coming ten years, of all other regions, Manchester is also likely to grow well above the national rate as well. The reason for all this is that the south is considered to be the technology centre of the UK and Manchester is giving them a run for their money. In recent years, Manchester has literally exploded with growth in both the financial and technology sectors, which is why this city will most likely see rapid and steady growth over the period.

The 4 Fastest Growing Cities with Manchester Coming in at #5

According to a recent article featured on the English Club TV Group website, the four fastest growing cities in England are:

  • Telford
  • Northampton
  • Peterborough
  • Milton Keynes

All of which are in the South. The reason they are forecast to grow at such a rapid rate is because they are ‘advanced’ and as such, have a thriving economy that offers a greater number of jobs. In just about 50 years the city of Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire has seen growth at a rate over 103% and much of this is due to the above mentioned economy. Milton Keynes is quickly closing the unemployment gap, making it a city worthy of consideration if you are out of a job and seeking somewhere new to live. Following Milton Keynes, many letting agents are now suggesting Greater Manchester because of the expected growth and the availability of employment.

Along with Growth – A Rise in Crime

Unfortunately, there will always be a segment of society that has a criminal intellect. Such rapid growth is indicative of prosperity and this is what criminals prey on. It is suggested that homeowners, business owners and anyone with property should see to the integrity of their locks and access systems. Increasing numbers of residents are seeking out the services of trusted locksmiths like to have locks and deadbolts replaced in an effort to prevent burglary and vandalism. Although crime is rampant in all cities, towns and rural areas, it seems as though criminals like to congregate in busy areas where they can get lost in the crowd. Telford, Northampton, Peterborough, Milton Keynes and Manchester certainly fit that bill.

Growth Brings New Prospects All the Way Around

Besides the fact that there will be greater job opportunities that comes along with rapid growth, it is probable that many more places of entertainment will crop up as well. Clubs, pubs and cafés will probably pop up around the city and the ones that are in existence may see major renovations to accommodate larger numbers of guests. With more money flowing into the local economy, it is likely that some of it will trickle down into trusts so that education and healthcare will advance as well and with a stable economy, residents may experience more amenities than ever before. All five of these fastest growing cities in England are excited at the prospect of growth and it can be hoped that they will set a shining example for the rest of the UK as well.