Experts in digital marketing, public relations, social media, and content marketing have been kind enough to reveal the marketing practices that will drive returns on investment in 2019/20. As businesses move towards the ‘20s, they consider the best method to build and guide their marketing communications strategies into the next decade. The common trend showing throughout every preferred marketing best practice is set to continue being measurement and delivery of a return on investment (ROI). In 2018, the Nielsen CMO report listed quantifiable ROI as marketers biggest concern.

Digital Marketing

Testing, measuring, and analyzing everything in digital marketing leads to more traffic and conversions. When you examine digital marketing best practices, everything from website design, content wording, landing pages, and call to actions should be tested. Any increase in traffic or conversion rates can lead to long-term exponential growth.

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Public Relations

Data-driven public relations will create a richer story for your brand. Driving earned media is a tool that you can leverage relationships and build brands. Staying abreast of the latest developments in marketing practices means you should always be informed on what the agents, branch offices, and contact centers are doing. Check they are up to date on procedural do not call compliance, as this will continue to imbue the brand or service with acceptability.

Next Level Earned Media

Using statistics for leverage is the smartest way to establish credibility. Stats should always be used in context. Just saying that a public relations firm generated impressive media coverage for one of their clients, it sounds implausible. But if the statement is phrased that the public relations firm puts its clients in the 24-hour news feed, an average of every 2.5 hours and reaches an audience of 3 million targeted viewers, that sounds credible and impressive.

Responsive Owned Media

When you publish a news item or press release on self-owned assets, it becomes the same as any other content. Blogs, listicles, guides, and eBooks can speak to different facets of the sales funnel. Various data sets can speak to opposing parts of the sales outlets. Responsive owned media allows you to link the New Visitors and the Users metrics to your brand awareness campaigns.

Alternately, Pageviews and Bounce Rate will help you to analyze your current ability to be able to engage with target audiences. Track conversions via the number of downloads and which pages are visited.

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Content Marketing

Always look at marketing through the eyes of the customer. It is an excellent way to consider actionable insights. This, in turn, helps make better products and create marketing campaigns that stand out. As every marketer knows, there are two ways you can choose to present a service or product:

  • Highlight its features and anything that makes it outperform the competitors’ products or services.
  • Solve a problem for a customer

The first focus-oriented method listed above is about the sale, the product, and the hype. The second way is more empathetic and builds a relationship with the customer. This latter method is more successful with marketing to Millennials.