North East Connected

Materials Processing Institute hopes conference will create new opportunities

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.40.34The Materials Processing Institute has opened new doors for business link ups across the globe after taking part in a high-profile conference.

The Institute was represented at the Middle East Iron & Steel Conference in Dubai last month, with more than 500 delegates in attendance.

The event is recognised as the biggest event on the steel calendar in the Middle East and North Africa region and topics of discussion included the future of MENA steel, including challenges and opportunities, as well as talking about raw materials and the increasing efficiencies and opportunities being introduced through improvements in technology.

Anders Jersby, Business Development Manager for Steel Services at MPI, attended the event and is confident that he secured some potential new leads for the business to pursue.

He said: “The conference was very interesting with many excellent papers. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of attention and discussion was focused on the severe financial challenges facing the industry, principally in the shape of cheap Chinese imports, but also due to high energy costs.

“There was also recognition of the need to employ the latest process technologies in areas such as DRI and endless casting in order to maximise productivity and cost efficiencies.”

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