The Materials Processing Institute is supporting local business by expanding the amount of flexible office space available for both start-up and established enterprises.

Having previously introduced a dedicated incubator service at its Teesside campus for start-ups and SMEs, the research and innovation centre is providing extra dedicated offices for larger and more established businesses, as they continue to adapt and respond to the COIVID-19 pandemic.

A huge rise in the number of staff working from home due to coronavirus restrictions has prompted many companies to reconsider the need to maintain large and expensive buildings.

The offices at Institute are centrally located in the heart of the Tees Valley, close to the Teesworks site and adjacent industrial zones.

As part of a cluster of like-minded businesses, tenants can also access expertise in research and innovation, along with additional support services and facilities located on the highly COVID-secure site.

Binding Solutions Ltd, a producer of pelletised materials from primary materials such as iron ore and other fine waste materials, located their business on the campus in 2017.

Technical Manager, Richard Joyce, said: “The industrial facilities and office spaces here were a perfect match for our requirements. Our business has grown year on year and thanks to the Materials Processing Institute we have been able to extend into additional workspace and offices with ease and efficiency.”

Chris McDonald, the Institute’s Chief Executive, said: “Businesses are reviewing their operations and business practices because of the pandemic and office space is a primary focus.  The Institute has proven an attractive location for businesses that have benefited from our flexible, easy in easy out office packages, which now more established businesses are also taking advantage of.

“Our offices, industrial facilities and secure on-site parking, gives businesses the opportunity to adapt in line with their current and future business needs in terms of space and location.

“They also offer the scope to blend homeworking with COVID-secure collaborative working spaces. Our location alone makes these offices ideal for growing creative, engineering, industrial and commercial firms that want to be located at the heart of Tees Valley’s current and future industry.”

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