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If you’re related to the fashion business, you can always tap into the marketing resources Instagram has to offer. It is important to be proactive and spot every opportunity to make your brand known, as it is going to help you find new followers and likes.

Instagram followers, likes, and impressions are important to stay in the business. Many people fail to get the right type of response and Instagram impressions and doubt themselves. They sometimes feel that Instagram may not be a good place for fashion brands, but that is not always true.

Facts Related to Fashion Brands on Instagram

There are various active fashion brands on Instagram. Here are some important facts about these brands:

Fact # 01

Fashion is one of the most liked and engaged industry on Instagram. There is an average of 102 comments and 16,616 likes received on posts from well-established fashion brands.

Fact # 02

Instagram users are often interested in purchasing the items they see on the forum. Every third person on Instagram has bought some fashion related item right from the platform. This means approx. 265 million people are buyers from the fashion industry.

Instagram is a great marketplace as many millionaires are there for the sole purpose of following the latest fashion trends. It is evolving as the competitive platform for fashion based brands.

Fact # 03

With the rising competition and indulgence of big brands in the fashion industry on Instagram small fashion brands have very limited chances of survival. But luckily there are also many marketing opportunities available on the Instagram which open its doors for small fashion brands.

Rules for Smaller Fashion Brands on Instagram

To stand out in the competitive fashion industry of Instagram small fashion brands must have to emphasis on their marketing strategies. Here is the list of must follow rules for the small fashion brands to get noticed on the forum and drive sales.

Rule #1: Focus on Your Images

Images and photos of your products are the most important element for attracting Instagram users. Instagram is all about high-end photos and quality content whether you are owning a business profile or having a personal account. For promoting your fashion brand the quality of your photographs even matter more.

Instagram Content Must Have These 3 Elements:

High-Resolution Images

  • An Instagram worthy photo must be captured on high resolution. Capturing high-end photos is not possible through the Instagram camera and the features of your phone camera are also not up to the desired level.
  • To get good quality photos with high- resolution you must opt for professional cameras. Only a good camera can boost the images of your product. Hiring an expert for capturing best images is worthy of promoting your brand.

Photos With a Story

  • Photos with a story are more appealing for the viewers than just images of the products. These stories involve the viewers and encourage them to engage in the post. Add an element in your photos that makes it relatable to everyday life.
  • For instance, a photo of just some amazing pair of shoes is quite boring while a photo with an athlete tying laces of these shoes will take it to the whole new level. The later one has a story to immerse the viewers in it. The sweat, the courage, and the posture of the athlete narrate the story of your shoes beyond the words.

Theme Based Photos

Photos that go together in a single theme depicts a personalized brand touch. As every branded store has its own ambiance, distinct style of dealing with the customers, and a signature element in each product the same is required for your brand`s social media portfolio.

You can upload a variety of posts on your Instagram profile but they must resonate with the same theme. Add a signature element in each of your photos be it related to your product or with your team. Edit all your photos in the same style. Choose a single designing app and stick to it for more thematic results. There are various tools available for mobile photography like VSCO, Snapseed, and Color Story. For laptops tools like Lightroom and Photoshop are very effective.