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New deal helps Redcar Opticians keep fitness fans safe in the sun

Redcar-based IntelliSight Opticians is celebrating being named as the official Redcar area stockist for professional sports sunglasses, Julbo, with a campaign warning fitness fans about the dangers of UV rays while out in the sun.

With more people than ever taking up outdoor sports, such as running, cycling and sailing, IntelliSight are urging customers to think more about taking appropriate precautions to prevent the threat of UV damage, premature cataracts and even macular degeneration. The awareness campaign is being run in the lead-up to National Sunglasses Day on June 27th.

As an official stockist for the area IntelliSight Opticians carry the entire Julbo range. MD, Julie Breen, said: “We’re delighted to have been selected as an official stockist for Julbo, and being able to offer a higher level of protection to all who enjoy participating in sports, in both prescription and non-prescription lens options in polarised, photochromic and high contrast tint lens options.

“Fitness enthusiasts will often spend a lot of money on specialist equipment, such as helmets and shock-absorbing trainers, but not invest in their long-term eye protection. The sunshine is lovely, but we need to be aware that it has the potential to be very damaging too.

“Sunlight is on average a thousand times brighter than indoor lighting. It contains ultraviolet (UV) light which is known to damage the cornea, the clear surface of our eyes, as well as the lens, causing premature cataracts, and the central part of our retina, resulting in macular degeneration and potentially a permanent loss of vision. Being safe in the sun generally is important but, for those spending a lot of time outside training, it is vital and the protection needs to be up to the job.

“Anyone worried about their current eyewear or level of protection can always pop into our high street store where our friendly, trained staff are happy to offer their professional opinion.”

Designed specifically around the demands of different sports, the Julbo sunglasses range meets the challenges of both the terrain and the requirements of various outdoor activities. All come with wrap around lenses, which offer a total block to the sun’s harmful rays and are anti-fog, for those who work up a sweat.

Kris Wright, Brand Specialist for Lenstec Optical Group who distribute Julbo sunglasses in the UK, said: “We are delighted to welcome IntelliSight Opticians on-board as one of only a handful of UK stockists selected to supply the Julbo range. We have a great partnership with Julie and her team and selected IntelliSight based on their clinical excellence and unparalleled customer service.

“What makes Julbo so unique is that every design offers key variations to appeal to specific sports; for instance, the Octopus lens is specifically designed for nautical conditions, repelling water drops and focusing on blue light protection, whilst the Chameleon lens are designed with mountaineers in mind, altering tint levels and polarisation to block glare.”

Available in both prescription and non-prescription formats, anyone wishing to try the Julbo range for themselves can visit IntelliSight Opticians, 67 High Street, Redcar.

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