As preparatory works come to fruition at Pendower Hall, 2019 is set to be an exciting year on site, benefitting the local community and improving the health and wellbeing of the Grade II listed 19th Century building and grounds.

In the last 12 months since planning permission was granted, efforts have focused on extensive repairs to the roofs, restoration of the windows, replacing structural beams, and ensuring the hall is sound, waterproof and fit for future use.

A ‘Time Team’ of leading local archaeologists have unearthed more of the exciting Roman history of the site. Importantly they have now fully explored and recorded the history of the area which will allow a start to be made on the exciting new ‘Grand Hall’.

Attention is now turning to restoring and refurbishing the tired and long neglected landscape setting of the hall. The replanting of the gardens will allow the construction of a new and much needed safe, secure car park for Hadrian School, that shares the grounds.

A comprehensive woodland restoration and tree replanting plan has been agreed with Newcastle City Council as part of the plan to provide a ‘green lung’ in the west end of the city.

The Woodland Trust have provided specialist help in devising the plan and ensuring that there are opportunities for visitors and school children to enjoy the new trees and woodland.

Matthew Creedy of Ethical Partnership, the planner for the scheme, said:

“Little remains of the original landscape from when Pendower Hall was built. Only fragments of the original gardens and woodland can still be seen with many of the trees being diseased, damaged and dangerous.

“The grounds have therefore been surveyed to better understand which trees are diseased, which ones can be retained and where there are opportunities to breathe new life by planting more trees. From bees to bluebells to birds we now also know what wildlife lives and where in the grounds they reside.

“It’s a very practical plan which recognises that some trees need to be felled to create the necessary space and light for new trees to be planted and to flourish. The new planting and tree restoration works are being undertaken long before the restoration and building works will be completed to the hall.”

This commitment to restoring the woodland and grounds will provide an attractive setting for the hall. With the planting of varied species a natural local habitat will be rebuilt for the occupying wildlife.

David Redhead, director of Pendower Hall Ltd, said:

“We are excited to deliver on our promise to restore the grounds and provide a much needed, larger car park area for Hadrian School. This will make a huge difference to the hard working teachers, and to the many children who depend on special transport to attend the school.

“As a company we aim to have a positive impact on the local community in every way possible, from jobs creation through to having a pleasant landscaped and well looked after Grade II listed building available to hire on their doorstep.”

More information on Pendower Hall is available on the company’s Facebook page.