New World is expanding its arsenal. Gamers can expect three new potential weapons in the coming months.

New World devs are releasing new content at a much slower but careful pace. To avoid previous mistakes that made several changes which were very unpopular with the community, Amazon Gaming Studios has changed how they roll out new features by testing and optimizing and getting the community’s feedback beforehand. With the new Mutators Expeditions coming out, fans of the game are questioning what other new features will be coming to the servers soon, and the answer to that is brand new weapons for all players with New World accounts.

The Blunderbuss, the Greatsword, and the Daggers

Whenever new weapons are teased on New World’s game notes or developer videos, fans get more hyped to play the game as they anxiously await further details about the new additions. It was announced back in one of the developers’ video announcements that three new pieces of equipment will be added to New World’s collection. Players will be able to use one of these weapons to farm New World gold once they go live after the Mutators patch if not at the same time. As of now, the confirmed upcoming weapons are the blunderbuss, the greatsword, and a pair of daggers.

The blunderbuss was the most detailed weapon to be discussed during the announcement. Currently, this armament is the only upcoming weapon that is ready to be released soon since the devs have been developing it for quite some time. Aeternum’s residents have been longing for another ranged firearm that they can use to take out their opponents, and this explosive ranged weapon takes the cake.

The blunderbuss is going to be a close to mid-range weapon. As opposed to the musket’s lethal, accurate, and single-shot attacks, the blunderbuss’ attacks are described as explosive and chaotic. Its playstyle will involve more kiting and run-and-gun mechanics since the gun lacks the musket’s long-range attacks. Devs have also noted that this weapon will rely on STR and INT stats to scale. For now, it is speculated that the blunderbuss will come out in February or March.

The next weapon that is set to be released soon is the greatsword. Though the equipment has been confirmed by data miners and the devs themselves, very little detail has been given out. The only detail the fans have garnered so far is that the greatsword will be featuring a stance switching mechanic. The different stats will affect the available skills that can be activated by weapon users. This feature might imply that players can switch between heavy-hitting attacks and flurry of light attacks. Since these are the only details confirmed so far, gamers will have to wait till the devs release a more precise description of the new weapon.

The last weapon that might be released in the coming months is a set of new daggers. This weapon type is all but confirmed. During the December 17 video discussion, the devs have only hinted that they are also developing another armament aside from the blunderbuss and the greatsword. The daggers have been one of New World’s community’s highly requested weapons. Fans are craving to have gameplay similar to rogues or assassins. The only confirmation that players have regarding this piece of equipment is that Amazon Gaming Studios has already considered adding daggers in the game and that its development is “on the table.” Whether or not these pair of bladed weapons will be introduced in the game, gamers will just have to wait and see whether this is something they can add to their New World account.

All The Current Weapons in The Game

New World prides itself on having no character classes in the game to serve as the players’ reference, but instead, the game gives players free reign on how their avatars will develop. Any feature resembling a class system depends on the game’s weapons. Instead of having jobs that would determine what skills and playstyle gamers will adhere to, these mechanics will fall to the weapons.

As of the moment, New World has 12 items in its arsenal. Each weapon has a unique playstyle and requires different stats to scale its damage. These 12 armaments are categorized into four types: tank, one-handed, two-handed, and magic. Here is the list of weapons available for each category:

  • Tank Weapons: Sword and Shield (shields are always used in pair with swords)
  • One-Handed Weapons: Hatchet and Rapier
  • Two-Handed Weapons: Bows, Great Axe, War Hammer, Musket, and Spear
  • Magic Weapons: Fire Staff, Ice Gauntlet, and Life Staff

Players can expect the Blunderbuss to hit live servers very soon. With its explosive power, gamers can go wild as they go around Aeternum and run-and-gun mobs to earn New World gold. The greatsword and the daggers might take a while since Amazon Gaming Studios usually implements a three-month interval between each new weapon. In the meantime, players can still enjoy New World with all the existing weapons. Enjoying the game? Let us know in the comments!