Screenshot 2014-11-17 at 11.19.41Enabling organisational and business success is the key aim of E-Max Systems Ltd. This has resulted in the development and launch of their latest, configurable, customisable and extensible business IT system, Contour on the back of 15 years of experience in the provision of business software solutions to engineering, manufacturing and distribution companies in UK and beyond.

Such companies, like a lot of industries, are constantly being forced to review strategies to ensure that growth targets are realistic and achievable. One of the questions that have to be asked – and answered honestly – is that of future market positioning.

In the North East of England, it is not uncommon for manufacturing ‘shops’ to be involved in the ‘oil & gas’ or offshore sector, supplying a one-off emergency reverse engineered product: as well as providing batch/volume components for a national medical research facility. In this instance the company could be considered to be providing specialist engineering services, however if drilled down further, working with marketing and business information, a more specific niche or even – vision for the business may be identified.

Get Niche. With the result of choosing a specialism, a couple of things happen straight away: focus; and technology realisation. The organisation is able to focus on its concise core message, to a more specific target audience: it also creates a clearer understanding of the minimum level of technology required to be a recognised supplier in that field. Interesting also, with some market intelligence – the route and cost of investment required to make them a market leader and industry expert – will then be clearer.

Get Volume. Incredibly the same can apply as going niche! Focus and technology realisation.

Get Out. If you are serious about your market and utilisation of best technologies – do not worry – this will not be a consideration!

Whatever course of action or new models of doing business are created, one certainty is the need to have a robust, future proof business IT system. E-Max Systems Ltd have an enviable reputation of working with some of the top engineering, manufacturing and distribution SME’s – enabling leaner communication, with advanced, flexible and scalable CRM / MRP / ERP applications, between different levels of the same supply chain locally and internationally.

Should you wish to speak to a specialist business software supplier, with no obligation, please do not hesitate to contact us directly, sometimes a second (or third opinion) is all it takes. More information can be found at: