INTERNATIONAL lift specialist Cibes UK is taking its operations to the next level making a series of key appointments and setting its national targets for 2017.

Dean Burrows, the former Director of the Cibes UK acquired business Platform Lift Solutions, has been announced as Managing Director of the UK group. Whilst Jason King, formally Access 4 All has been announced as Operations Director and Gary Sullivan Sales and Marketing Director.

The group is working towards a turnover of £6m by the end of year, on top of recruiting a further six full-time employees, bringing the total workforce to 26, excluding external contractors.

Dean said: “This is an ambitious target, but one we’ve strategically planned for and actively working towards.

“In the first quarter of this year we are focussing our efforts on bringing the two companies, Platform Lift Solutions and Access 4 All, together to regulate our internal processes and ensure there is synergy between both offices whilst moving forward.

Cibes have actually been here in the UK for nearly 20 years as a lift manufacturer supplying its products through a handful of smaller distributors and latterly through its wholly owned subsidiary Axess 4 All. Now is the time for us to move forward, show our combined capabilities and work towards becoming the go-to name in the UK market.”

The firm works predominantly in the construction sector and specialises in its use of hi-tech Swedish engineering and fast delivery of projects. The company is also currently implementing a customer care division to handle maintenance and customer service.

Cibes UK works across a range of different sectors, specialising in its work within the retail, transport and naturally the construction industry.

Dean added: “We have some high profile projects in store for 2017 and are really excited to implement some new processes in the coming months.

“Change for us is a good thing, whilst we’re keeping in place and streamlining the tried and tested processes that have served us over a collective 20 years in business, we’re also introducing new practices to help us move forward.

“Customer service is something that is extremely important to us and although we continually receive good feedback from customers, it’s important that we are progressing and improving which is where the customer care division comes into play.”

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