Leading IT healthcare solutions provider, Clarity Informatics, is targeting global success as it looks to expand its reach internationally.

 Clarity’s clinical guidance – Prodigy – is designed to assist GPs, GP registrars, paramedics, nurses and pharmacists to treat common conditions and symptoms. It forms the clinical content of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS) service.

Every month 400,000 clinicians, over 50% of the NHS clinical workforce, rely on clinical information and guidance authored by Clarity Informatics.

Currently sold in only a handful of markets outside of the UK, Clarity is expanding its international business development efforts for Prodigy, aiming the service at primary and first contact healthcare professionals, particularly those working in English speaking countries, which have similar healthcare systems.

The service will remain available free of charge to medical professionals in the UK, as part of NICE’s CKS.

Designed to be a practical resource to aid healthcare professionals at the point of care, Prodigy contains over 370 topics and 1000 clinical presentations or patient scenarios. The clinical content is continually monitored, reviewed and new topics introduced each year. All content is devised from rigorously reviewed and researched evidence and developed using NICE accredited processes and requirements.

Globally recognised, Clarity’s dedicated team of clinicians and researchers have over 20 years’ experience of providing clinical guidance and resources to medical practitioners.

Tim Sewart, Clarity’s CEO, commented: “Our business has grown significantly over the last year, with turnover topping over £3.5million in 2019, in part thanks to the growth of our web-based intranet and sharing portal – TeamNet – which is now used by 1 in 3 GP surgeries in England and Wales. We’re proud to be one of a small number of commercial enterprises to be accredited by NICE in the UK and have a longstanding relationship with NICE as authors of their clinical guidance. We can see significant potential to expand the reach of Prodigy globally and create opportunities for healthcare professionals in other markets to benefit from rigorously reviewed clinical guidance available to them at the point of care.”

Alongside the clinical guidance it authors, Clarity Informatics also develops innovative appraisal software and medical best practice solutions which are cost effective, save clinical time and help to improve patient safety.