This year, more than 95 per cent of parents or carers of primary age children secured their first school preference in North Yorkshire.

The figure is higher than last year’s figure of 93 per cent and, in fact, is the highest figure for several years. It is also higher than many other places in the country.

Ninety eight per cent of families in the county secured one of their top three preferences.

“This is again good news for North Yorkshire families,” said Pete Dwyer, North Yorkshire County Council’s Corporate Director of Children and Young People’s Services. “We are pleased that so many families continue to gain the first preference from their choice of schools and that the percentage has risen this year.

“However, as a local authority we work with all schools across the county to ensure they deliver the highest standards of education so that families who are not given first preferences can still send their children to good schools. We wish all children starting primary school in September all the best and hope they really enjoy their time in North Yorkshire schools.”