Northumberland National Park are launching a new fund to support community projects that support the delivery of the Park’s long-term key priorities and aims.

The Northumberland National Park Communities Fund will provide grants of up to £2,000 of funding to projects, community groups, businesses, charities, and organisations both inside and outside the Park who demonstrate they are supporting the key aims of the National Park.

The key aims of the National Park include: A Welcoming Park, making the Park accessible for everyone; A Distinctive Place, highlighting the unique qualities of the Park including its cleanest rivers, and darkest skies; A Living Working Landscape, demonstrating that those live and work in and around the Park are conserving and maintaining the landscape; and Thriving Communities, ensuring that those who live in the Park are engaged, well connected, and positively contributing to the future of the Park and their communities.

Applications that would like to receive funding, will have to demonstrate how their organisation or project will help to contribute to these aims.

Whilst the funding focuses on the wider key aims and priorities of the Park, it comes at a crucial time where many organisations are recovering from the devastating economic blow of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, as a priority in the immediate future, funding will also be considered for projects that will help the Park to be net zero by 2030 and for those that need additional support to recover from the pandemic.

Northumberland National Park Chair, Jean Davidson said: “We’re delighted to be launching our new Communities Fund to help support community action and engagement after what has been a very difficult year and we want to encourage people and businesses to work together on helping to achieve the Park’s key aims and priorities.

“We fully understand the importance of helping our local communities and organisations in the here and now, but we see this as an opportunity to not only provide them with funds to re-boot, but to set these organisations up for the future aligned with the National Park to create a place that everyone can enjoy for many years to come.”

To register interest and receive more information about how to apply please contact