Fortuna Gaming is a gambling operator based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne whose steady growth and readiness for innovation has translated to huge amounts of success well into 2018

Founded by local lad and CEO, Scott Manford in 2016, Fortuna Gaming has grown significantly throughout its short lifespan and defied the targets of Manford and the team: “It’s been really encouraging to see the short-term growth that we’ve witnessed at Fortuna, our goals for 2018 are to further establish ourselves in the market and establish our key brands in international territories further afield.”

After beginning 2016 with their fledgling casinos and Easy, where people go to play online slots, Fortuna has done well to establish a repertoire of four live online casinos with two more in the pipeline. It’s testimony to the team at Fortuna and Manford himself that have proven that industry, whatever the sector can establish themselves and work successfully despite their Geography.

Although a gambling company it’s digital marketing and innovation that’s really at the heart of Fortuna Gaming. The online gambling industry is fast-moving and competitive and in terms of SEO is one of the hardest niches to crack.

The company has adapted to a fierce online gaming market by using Digital Marketing and SEO methods to propel the brands associated with Fortuna to the top of the Google Rankings.  

Fortuna Gaming have used their Newcastle-upon-Tyne based hub to their advantage and with that there’s no looking back after a successful 2016. Manford said: “Maintaining our base in Newcastle-upon-Tyne rather than the usual offshore gambling territories has set us apart from other competitors looking in to our business. Additionally, the economies that could often be found off-shore are both unethical and made redundant by recent regulation in to the Point of Consumption tax. We’ve found that using the local digital marketing expertise as well as my own experiences within the industry have proved vital to the success of our brands.”

2018 brings a whole new spectrum of challenges for the team at Fortuna. As the company continues to grow and new brands are released the company is constantly strategizing around how to take advantage of the economies that gambling regulation and new legislature can create.

Recent laws implementing a Point of Consumption tax meanthat although a company can be based offshore in tax havens, POC prevents the operators from taking advantage of loopholes as all taxes must be paid at the point of consumption. Nevertheless, Fortuna Gaming remain loyal to their home and are sure to be going from strength to strength with Manford at the helm.

Fortuna Gaming has adapted to a fierce online gaming market by using expertise in management, Digital Marketing, and also SEO to propel the brands associated with Fortuna to the top of the Google Rankings. Google remains a key battle field for industries where tangible goods aren’t an option. Competition is open to anyone who knows how to market and no brand can achieve a monopoly on a product.

What’s next for Fortuna in 2018?