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OSRS Food to Feast on

If food be the way to survive, play on

Food, in both real life and in-game, is an important resource. While our physical bodies need it as fuel, in-game characters eat to regain health. In some games, they even buff the character for a duration. In OSRS, it’s mostly the latter, though some food can boost the levels of certain skills. At any rate, here are the best OSRS foods you can get, so save up your OSRS gold for them.


Anglerfish have an unusual characteristic from other food on the list. It’s the only one to be able to overheal a character, letting them have 121 health if eaten with the HP full. With the right HP level, it can heal up to 22 points. It’s also unusual in that it restores health based on the HP level of the character. At its lowest, it heals 3 points, which is not cost-effective. It costs 1.6k OSRS GP each. That’s such a waste to heal only 3 points!

It can only be found in Port Piscarilius, with 100% favor for the faction. You need to have at least level 82 fishing, a fishing rod, and sandworms. Fish south of Tynan’s Fishing Supplies. Cooking Raw Anglerfish requires level 84 Cooking. On the Hosidius range and wearing Cooking Gauntlets, you stop burning it at level 93 Cooking.

Dark Crab

It seems that crabs are a delicacy even in-game! They heal as much as an Anglerfish and only weigh about .3kg. That means you can fit more in your inventory, while still keeping up your speed. Of course, this is offset in that acquiring them means going to the Wilderness. It’s where PvPers lurk and stalk, so be prepared to lose your catch when attempting to farm them.

They cost 1.3k coins, so they’re quite lucrative if you choose to sell them. Fishing them with a Lobster Pot requires 85 Fishing and a Dark Fishing Bait. The bait may be looted from various monsters in the Wilderness. Cooking a raw one requires 90 Cooking, and it is recommended to cook them on the Hosidius range. Doing so ensures the best chance of not burning them. They burn even at 99 Cooking, and the only way to guarantee success is to wear the Cooking Cape.

Tuna Potato

At 68 Cooking, players can cook this delectable snack. Like Dark Crabs and Anglerfish (at higher levels), it restores 22 HP per bite. With its relatively lower level threshold, it’s one of the first foods you can encounter that has the highest heal values. It’s only offset by its multi-step cooking process and weight (.5kg to Dark Crab’s .3 or Manta Ray’s .4). It costs 1.4k gold on the Grand Exchange.

To cook it, you need tuna, sweetcorn, potato, milk or cream, a bowl, and a knife. Bake the potato. Churn the milk or cream to make butter. Put the butter on the baked potato. Cook the tuna and the sweet corn. Put the cooked tuna into a bowl and use the knife to get chopped tuna. Mix that with the corn, and put the resulting mixture onto the baked potato with butter. Enjoy your Tuna Potato!


It may only heal 20 points, but it’s way cheaper than any of the foods above at about 800-900 coins per shark. That cost won’t tempt you to look for OSRS gold for sale. It’s the balance between low cost and HP restoration. That makes it a popular pick for those looking for combat food whether for PvP or PvE.

Fishing for sharks requires 76 Fishing with a harpoon. However, you may also do it barehanded with 96 Fishing, 76 Strength, and partial completion of Barbarian Training. Fishermen get them from a majority of the net/harpoon fishing spots. Most popular would be near the Fishing Guild, Catherby, and Burgh de Rott. To cook a Raw Shark, you need 80 Cooking. Like Dark Crabs, even at Cooking 99, it can still burn without the Cooking Cape.


Karambwans are an unusual food from Karamja. To fish it, you need 65 Fishing, a Karambwan Vessel, and a Raw Karambwanji. Also, you’ll need to have finished the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest. Cooking Karambwan after the quest but before talking to Tiadeche will result in Poison Karambwan. Make sure to talk to her about the method of cooking Karambwan!

It needs only 30 Cooking to cook one thoroughly, though the chances of burning are high. There will be that chance to burn until level 99, after which it is impossible to burn it. It’s cheap at 400-500 gold (not a reason to buy OSRS gold), though it only restores 18 points. Its utility comes with the fact that you can ‘combo eat’ them with another food. That means eating two food items in one tick! After eating a base food, a shark as an example, you can instantly eat a Karambwan and heal 40 points in one tick.

So which food is your favorite? All these are useful and some even look tasty. Too bad we can’t just reach into our screens and grab them to eat. Selling the expensive ones can let you earn enough for a Twisted Bow, eventually. At any rate, enjoy a feast in OSRS, and don’t forget to have fun in your adventures!

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