Ouseburn Farm has launched a new crowdfunding campaign this morning (Wednesday March 1 at 6.00am) called ‘Support Ouseburn Farm, Support Your Community’ to raise £20,000 and help bridge the deficit in its funding. 

The charity, which is run by staff and volunteers for the community, is calling on local businesses, friends and visitors from across the North East to make a pledge that will ensure the incredible work they do for the community and for vulnerable and disadvantaged people continues.

Last year, creative marketing and communications agency, Drummond Central agreed to step in and part-fund some of the farms’ annual deficit for three years.  The agency agreed to support the farm both financially and in kind after its major contributor of eight years, Tyne Housing Association announced it was unable to continue to fund the farms £100,000 per year deficit post April 2017 due to the impact of financial and policy changes required by Government.

The farm attracts over 50,000 visitors a year but requires further funding to keep its doors open.  In addition to the array of animals, gardens, orchard and onsite café serving coffee and fresh food which has been produced directly from the farm, Ouseburn Farm also offers educational classrooms and workshops for vulnerable adults or adults who may be chronically excluded.

Woodwork, carpentry, upcycling, catering, creative arts, livestock and horticulture workshops provide an educational route or work experience to vulnerable adults teaching them essential skills and provides placements for the homeless and adults with learning difficulties and mental health problems.

The farm hopes to raise £20,000 by the end of the month and is inviting people to make a donation or choose a set reward, which includes feeding the animals, behind the scenes tour, having dinner at the farm and children’s parties.  Rewards start from £5.00 and all money raised will help the farm continue to support vulnerable and disadvantaged adults and children who rely on the farm as a place of refuge and a place to gain the vital skills they so desperately need.

A video has been produced to showcase the excellent work that the farm delivers and the impact all donations will have on the community.  More information is available on the Crowdfunder website, at the farm or on social media.

Business farm manager, Andrea Haynes, said: “Our vision is to create Ouseburn Farm as a major visitor attraction, one that provides first class educational and training facilities, alongside an appealing food offering.  The farm is a place for growing – it’s about growing people and communities.

“The support we have received from Tyne Housing Association and Drummond Central has been brilliant but we still need to find additional funding and bridge the full deficit to secure the farm’s long-term future.

“I really hope the North East will get behind us.  All donations will be greatly appreciated and if people could spread the word then this will increase awareness of the campaign.”

The farm’s campaign will run until Friday March 31 and to make a donation, please visit www.crowdfunder.co.uk/ouseburn-farm-charity-ltd