Planning for a wedding can be an overly taxing undertaking. This is especially the case if it’s an outdoor wedding. There’s a lot to think about, from food to décor, flowers, transportation, entertainment, and parking… the list is endless. While it can seem easy and simple, there are a lot of difficult choices to make and in addition to this, determining what you want can be a bit overwhelming. Plus you will get dozens of outdoor wedding ideas out there from friends, in-laws, and even your children’s godparents to be! However, it’s your big day and you need to dictate how you want things done. If you’re feeling a bit confused or out of ideas, whittle down what you’ve already heard, and take a look at the following outdoor wedding trends to choose for your big day. 

1. Going All Out!

As earlier mentioned, it’s your day. If you have the budget and the time for it, no one should dictate how you spend your time and money. Planning an outdoor wedding can be hard, but if you go all out, you can experience endless possibilities of making the day count and forever be edged in your memories. If you are the type of person that loves the outdoors, you’ll definitely love saying your vows in the open Namiri plains of Serengeti or on the glaciers of Iceland. Of course, you’ll need wedding planners for that, but you can trust that it’s going to be a breathtaking experience. Ann Peters, founder of Iceland Wedding Planner, says that since 2010 there has been a sharp increase in all day adventure weddings in Iceland from couples in America. This is because these days, most couples are looking for the aspect of adventure on their big day, and Iceland offers just that. When planning for such an occasion, you are not restricted to a given timeline. With this idea, you are also sure not to have party crashers at your wedding! 

2. Bringing The Inside, Out!

Having an outdoor wedding provides you with endless possibilities and ideas you can hack as you go. We all love our living spaces. There is always a sense of comfort when you see a couch or a coffee table. It just makes it feel homely. And what better way than to have an outdoor wedding reception that mimics the interior of a living room except for walls and a roof? Adding the smallest elements of the living space around the guest tables can be a great way of creating an intimate patio. 

3. Adding a Touch of Vintage

Who said you cannot have your dream wedding even when on a tight budget? The detailing in a vintage or rustic outdoor wedding is effortless and simplistic, yet realistically beautiful. With a rustic outdoor wedding, the more you add, the more overdressed it can become. To help you out, you’ll need to do the following:


  • Choose the venue
  • Select the most appropriate vintage colors
  • Select your vintage décor items such as paper suites, flowers, and vintage lighting

When it comes to pulling off a vintage outdoor wedding, you’ll need to do things by yourself with the help of others of course. But it’s important to own the ideas lest it becomes like any other ordinary outdoor wedding. But you can always include a professional tone whenever need be. 

4. Nature-Inspired Themes and Confections 

Having the outdoors or nature inspires more than the dresses worn or the reception décor can go a long way into making your outdoor wedding an event to remember for a lifetime. For instance, you can have your cake designed to mimic the natural surroundings. All you need is a picture of your wedding location and a professional baker. This may also help inspire the catering crew to come up with a theme that masquerades your surroundings. As earlier mentioned, you have endless possibilities. 

As you can see, a lot goes into planning an outdoor wedding. It’s therefore important that when you start planning, you also make plans on how to take care of you and your partner while at it. This will ensure that the planning aspect part of it doesn’t overwhelm or take over your life. The above ideas can go a long way into helping you with the planning and in providing you with much-needed peace of mind.