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Parking on rented driveways a first-class idea for university students

Savvy students looking to spend money wisely this academic year could save an average of 39 per cent on car parking fees by parking on rented driveways close by to campuses, rather than using other traditional pay-on-day parking spots.

Research conducted by the online parking portal,, discovered that Cardiff, Nottingham and Sheffield were the top university destinations where students could capitalise on parking savings.

Students in Cardiff could potentially save a whopping £234 a month when using the site to pre-book a car parking spot over a five-day, four-week period. Meanwhile, students at Newcastle University and the University of Nottingham and could save an average of £176 and £177 per month, respectively.

Harrison Woods, CEO at, commented: “Amid the deepening cost of living crisis, students are likely to be struggling even more than they usually would. However, with some forethought, smart-thinking students who drive to campus can ensure that they keep their motoring expenses as low as possible.


“Many universities offer more parking permits than spaces at their campuses, and with limited public parking near university sites, offers a more cost-effective alternative solution. Students can now park at an affordable rate, and still within walking distance of their university.”

The research also revealed the top university locations where homeowners could make the most money from their driveway. Perhaps, unsurprisingly, homeowners near the University of London’s central hub could earn the most through renting out one of their spots, earning an extra £110 a week. On average, across the country, the research showed a household could earn up to £45 a week.

Harrison added: “The benefits of our platform encompass both the driver and the owner of the private car parking spot, and we’re the only website in the UK which actively promotes discounted pre-booked parking.”

“All across the country there is money to be made and savings to be had through some careful planning. Because offers longer-term rentals, you can also ensure that you always have a spot to park during these tough times.”

To learn more about parking on a rented driveway, garage or secure parking space, visit


Cost of traditional parking (average of 5 spots within 1 mile radius of campus)

Cost of parking (Avg of 5 spots in 1 mile radius)

Average saving in £

% saving

Cardiff University





University of Nottingham





Sheffield Hallam University





University of Cambridge





Newcastle University





University of the West of England





Coventry University





University of Portsmouth





University of Edinburgh





University of London





Ulster University





University of Manchester





Average savings





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