With the country starting to get back on its feet, a group of teenagers in Newcastle have been doing their bit to help show extra gratitude for the city’s key workers.

Participating in NCS (National Citizen Service), the team have produced a piece of artwork in the form of a large rainbow, which members of the public have been invited to add messages of thanks and motivation to. The team have donated the completed work to the Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary to be displayed somewhere in the hospital for staff and patients to see.

Speaking on behalf of the team, Faye Simpson, 16, said: “We wanted to encourage the spread of positivity in the local area, especially post lockdown. Setting up a stall in Exhibition Park, we asked the public to add their messages of support for the hospital’s staff. We also received them virtually via our Instagram and Twitter page.”

“This has been a really fun and enjoyable experience that has taught us a lot about teamwork and communication skills. I feel that participating in NCS will help me in the future, whether that be for university or in the working world. In just a few days, I have experienced a variety of new situations, and have learnt how to approach and tackle different problems.”

The team also created small messages of positivity which they’ve donated to a British Heart Foundation charity shop to gift to customers upon purchase of an item.

Lauren Glencross, Area Coordinator at NCS delivery partner Inspira, said: “The team immediately bonded over their passion for helping others.

“It was such a pleasure to work with this group of young people, their enthusiasm and dedication to making a positive change in their community was so refreshing to witness, I’ve no doubt each one of them will go on to do great things.”

To find out more about the group’s project, search the hashtag “#writetogetherNCL”, and follow their social media accounts:

Instagram: @writetogetherncl

Twitter: @WriteTogether1

To find out more about future NCS programmes, including the opportunity for 16-17 year olds to take part this autumn, visit wearencs.com.