Peel Interactive, the brand behind several high-profile augmented reality (AR) projects, has developed a cutting edge app which creates a colouring sheet experience with a twist for children visiting restaurants.

Launching this month at Alexander’s, a bar and restaurant in Skipton, North Yorkshire, the revolutionary app, which can be accessed via the restaurant’s in-house iPads, will enable children aged three and above to colour in two fantasy characters and then ‘bring their drawings to life’. This is possible by activating content that converts them into full animated, interactive 3D characters. The app also features a digital game incorporating the same characters.

The app was made possible by creating 3D assets in Maya, and texturing them using Substance Suite tools. The characters are brought to life using Unity and C# programming.

Matt Murphy, Peel Interactive App Developer, said: “We wanted to create an app that engages a younger audience in a fun way, using a medium they will already understand and have experience of – a colouring book – with the unique twist of bringing their creation to life.”

He added, “Peel Interactive is well known for its AR digital experiences, but this is the first time we’ve taken user input and used it in our augmented world. Sanitising user input can be difficult, and even more so when the input is a child’s coloured-in sheet of paper!”

Peel Interactive has previously created an animated ‘horrible histories’ style AR installation at the Parliamentary Education Centre, which brings King Charles I and Queen Victoria back to life and adds digital interpretation to the visitor learning experience. In July the team launched ‘A Giant Adventure’ at The Alnwick Garden, an AR garden trail which enables children to seek out the giant, all his ‘giant’ belongings and his ‘giant’ woodland friends.

Jessica Wright, Head of Development at Peel Interactive, said: “Peel Interactive is committed to producing inspiring digital experiences that engage people in ways that have previously not been possible. We are delighted with the colouring app. It’s great proof that the concept works and can be rolled out to any venue as a way of engaging and entertaining children and attracting an increased number of families.”

For further information about the colouring app; the bespoke augmented reality experiences that Peel Interactive develops; or for interview requests, visit or contact Account Executive Paul Forster on 01756 692503/