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People power reveals increased engagement and business productivity during the pandemic

A Newcastle-based HR technology firm will highlight the value of regular employee feedback at a new virtual conference developed by a North East events company.

Hive HR – which specialises in harnessing employee feedback to effectively manage change – has carried out studies during the pandemic showing soaring employee survey response rates, demonstrating a growing appetite among staff to contribute fully to their employer’s new working practices.

The firm will present its findings at the inaugural People Power conference, which will be held virtually later this month, and will feature a host of firms emphasising the vital role people play in an organisation’s success.

Ryan Tahmassebi, Hive’s director of people sciences, said: “Staff members want to input into decision making, now more than ever.

“Employees have a great understanding of how to improve their organisation, often more than they are given credit for.

“Organisations need to be regularly asking their people what they think, how current workplace situations are working for them and how it could be improved.

“Collating accurate, real-time employee feedback allows organisations to understand how their teams are feeling, whether any change is necessary, and how to manage this.”

Organisations getting this right have seen a 23-point rise in “Employee Net Promoter Scores” (eNPS). An employer’s eNPS shows how likely their staff are to recommend the organisation as a great place to work. Apple was one of the early pioneers of eNPS – surveying staff every four months to gauge the likelihood of being recommended to their friends and family.

“By taking a people-first and inclusive approach to change management, employers can keep their employees engaged and performing, wherever they are working,” added Ryan.

“Whilst maintaining productivity levels when teams are being stretched and tested may seem hard, it really is the key to success – whatever the future of work may hold.”

Hive is one of the expert presenters sharing the team’s insights and knowledge at a new virtual business conference which emphasises the importance of people to an organisation’s success.

People Power has been developed by North East events company The Projects Studio, and takes place on September 18th. The immersive online format includes topical content on employee engagement, crisis management, emotional intelligence, communication, conflict resolution, team building, agile working, health/wellbeing and effective leadership.

“Many people are still remote working, so will be able to access our conference from home, from the office or on the move,” says Andrew Wilson, director of The Projects Studio.

“Transforming our event into an online conference has given a great opportunity for Hive and others to present to a national audience of business leaders and HR decision makers.”

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