Few things in this world remain a mystery but, of those that are, perhaps none is as prominent or impressive as a woman’s mind. While some may find the intricacies of a woman’s mind complicated, and rightfully so, they are certainly an object of desire and affection. Only a fool would dare to believe he has women figured out, as any single word of their utterance may hold up to a dozen different meanings. A simple “hello” can mean anything from, “I need to talk,” “it’s over,” or simply “hello.”  With that said, here is all you need to know regarding the million-dollar question that is, How do you get into a woman’s mind?

Listen With Your Eyes Not Ears

When women speak you are expected not only to recite what was said word-for-word but even more importantly, you need to be listening with your eyes. However absurd that may sound, it is an exigent part of understanding the psychology of women. For the most part, you will need to be on the lookout for anything out of the norm. There are various facial cues, often displayed for a fraction of a second, such as shock, fear, contempt, anger, etc. As such, listening with both your eyes and ears is of great importance to figuring out the hidden Easter egg that is left for you to find.  

Answer When Asked

When a woman asks you a question, it is strongly recommended that you answer with the utmost transparency, especially when it seems that the question being asked makes no sense at all. As much as you would like to believe that women only make emotional decisions, they are highly refined and remarkably meticulous creatures. For the most part, she likely has a very good reason for asking you a seemingly out of the blue question. You may not be able to understand her reasons; even she may not fully understand them, which is why she needs to talk about it. Also, whenever she reacts in a particular way, simply ask her to explain. She will likely be keen on explaining. 

Hack Into Her Mind

If you are interested in leaving a lasting impression, there are clever techniques that will make you unforgettable. The most obvious ‘hack’ is enjoying your time and having fun. It is found that women are naturally attracted to men that do not take life too seriously, so make sure the fun you are having is sincere and genuine. By putting on your fun hairdo you will seem interesting, even if you find yourself somewhat not. The humanitarian goodwill experts over at Regionvavid.org give invaluable insight regarding the obsession method, which is a program that employs an encrypted language, revealing the psychological hack of a woman’s brain and having fun is at the center of it. So have your approach be modeled after a witty Hollywood movie and you should be fine.   

This technique also plays into making fun and witty conversation, which can be used to spin off the second part of the hack; making her miss you. To successfully pull this off you will need to make her happy one moment and sad the next. At the very least this will acquit you of the ‘boring’ label, as you will be keeping things interesting. However, make sure to never offend her, as you will not only be jeopardizing your relationship with her but also be surrendering your integrity and self-respect. 

Know the Signs

Seldom do women openly speak their minds. This is only made much more intense whenever they are upset, especially when they are upset with you. Whenever a woman’s fidgeting seems out of character, it should become clear to you that she is not okay. You may then proceed to ask her if she is fine, and she will likely answer “yes.” However, do not be fooled, for it is possible that she is not. Moreover, any change in her texting, whether it be obvious or subtle, may indicate discontent. There is, of course, the infamous silent treatment. Let us not forget what is referred to as bedroom beeline, which is basically when she heads straight to the bedroom upon arrival. Whenever any of these signs make an appearance, look to comfort her, either with words or action. Remember, it is not always your fault she is upset, even when it may seem otherwise. 

All in all, as you are figuring out the psychological techniques for getting into a woman’s mind, it is important that you remain calm, collected, and one hundred percent yourself. And remember, chemistry alone is not enough if you hope to pursue a long-term relationship, as you will also need to be compatible. Do not confuse the two together.