PUPILS have discovered the appliance of science in an initiative designed to show them lessons with a purpose.

Skerne Park Academy, Darlington, became a race pit and science laboratory as part of a fortnight of activities promoting STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Cool Science Party founder Craig Onesmith helped children make coloured goo, clouds and canon fire in a fun take on the sciences.

Year 5 pupils joined a team of Cummins engineers to make an electric race car that will compete in the Goblin Challenge at Croft Circuit on June 20.

Children also learnt how to write science fiction stories with author Antony Wootten.

Head teacher Kate Chisholm said: “Our boys in particular are real bookworms and love reading. The author session showed them what they could achieve with their writing and an active imagination.

“If children can find a passion for STEM subjects at this young age they will realise that this can help them fulfil their wildest dreams.

“There is so much out there for them around science and what they learn in the classroom has real relevance to the world they will live in.”

Scientist Mr Onesmith launched his business because of his seven-year- old daughter’s love of science.

He said: “She is now my guinea-pig for the experiments I perform in schools and at parties.

The children absolutely loved the sessions and asked me some brilliant questions showing their real interest in the subject.”

A host of displays were also set up around the school as part of the continual promotion of STEM subjects.