New laws were introduced yesterday which will permit drivers to use new technology to remotely park their car from June. 

The Department for Transport announced updates to the Highway Code which will enable drivers to use advanced driver assistance systems like remote parking and motorway assist.

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said:“This is welcome news. With the pace of technological change in the automotive sector being so rapid, it is important that the law and the Highway Code keeps up so that motorists can really benefit from new technologies like remote control parking.

“However it is also vital that nothing is done that encourages drivers to activate any of this sort of technology from a phone while inside their vehicle – the driving seat is no place for using something as distracting as a handheld mobile phone.

“And for drivers used to parking in Britain’s congested cities, remote control parking is unlikely to unlock the tightest of parking spaces – meaning the skill of being able to do a good parallel park will still be as valuable as ever.”