Ravencoin (RVN) is a cryptocurrency for high-speed transactions between users.

RVN is a fork of Bitcoin with improved technical characteristics. 400 Bitcoin programmers worked on the project and introduced a unique technology to move funds into the project. However, the platform has no other functionality besides mining.

Features of the project

The Ravencoin network pursues a single goal – the safe exchange of assets between users. Some critics believe that RVN does not bring anything new to the cryptocurrency world, and the transfer of funds has already been resolved using the Bitcoin and Ethereum platforms. However, the projects are not meant to make it easier to own digital coins, their goals are slightly different.

RVN is a solid blockchain that allows you to manage the transfer of funds between network participants. The advantages:

  • with the help of the platform, users transfer instant international payments, guaranteeing a high degree of security;
  • transactions are carried out quickly and without the involvement of intermediaries, which is the advanced technology of the Ravencoin blockchain.

Prospects for the development of the Ravencoin cryptocurrency

Experts have different opinions on the future of the platform, but most are inclined to positive predictions. The launch of the project was carried out without ICO and premine, which did not prevent the platform from entering the hundred cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization. The factor is assessed positively by analysts, since users were able to participate in the development of the project from the beginning. This did not interfere with the quadrupling of the user base just a week after the release of RVN. There were no significant speculations on the volatility of the exchange rate on the part of investors.

The platform was launched with:

ü a ready-made wallet;

ü technical information about the project.

Users could immediately make high-speed transactions within the network. The start resembles the launch of Bitcoin, but the project went unnoticed for a long time. Mining took over the functions of a PR campaign at the start of the project. In the first months, users earned good profits, so the number of earners increased exponentially. Pools were then formed that made it harder for individuals to mine coins. RVN mining has shown dependence on stock quotes and electricity prices.

To compare ravencoin price prediction 2020, further plans of the creators are aimed not only at optimizing the project, but also at the marketing campaign. Even the absence of advertising does not prevent the authors from providing complete information about the development of the project. You can find data on specialized resources.

When other cryptocurrencies collapsed, Ravencoin not only held positions, but also showed an upward trend. If it were not for the global market correction that coincided with the launch of the project, the cryptocurrency rate would probably have been much higher today. But even with a meager price, RVN managed to enter the top 100 digital assets in terms of capitalization. The addition of the coin to the listing of the giant exchange Binance once again proved the great prospects of the project. Analysts are positive about investing in RVN. True, the current situation forces us to postpone long-term investments and wait for the beginning of the exchange rate correction. Today you can make money through trading – the volatility of the Ravencoin rate opens up wide opportunities.